Machete (2010)

Machete doesn’t text, he also starts off really well but ends kinda badly..

Machete (2010)
Directed By: Robert Rodriguez (Desperado)

The Prologue
Ever since Grindhouse came out with the awesome fake trailers it had, I’ve been waiting for a few of those to be made into real full length movies. Finally, in 2010 Machete was made into a full film with the leading role going to Danny Trejo, long time friend of director Robert Rodriguez, who has used Trejo in his films time and time again. So add him with and odd, yet full of star power cast and you get a film that can be fun and over the top. It can also be a little too “out there” and over the top as well.

The Movie
After an ex-Federale is set up by an organization that originally hires him to assassinate someone, Machete is out to prove to everyone that they have just f***ed with the wrong Mexican! The outcome is a path of revenge that features very hot women, and a lot of heads being chopped off, among other gruesome things. You may have seen the character of Machete in Spy Kids, but rest a sure you’ve never seen him like this!

The thing about Machete is, it’s exactly what you think it will be. Going by what you see in the fake trailer from Grindhouse you knew what you were getting into and you get just that here. Only trouble is, if you are to be 100% honest with yourself, sure it’s fun but it’s probably more of a fit for something short rather than full length. I think the film starts off very strongly, then proceeds to kind of dwindle off a bit by the time you reach the end. And once again, to be perfectly honest, it gets a little ridiculous at times by then.

Now of course at times in this they are using the new trick of CGI for gore, and the gore is probably the best part of the film overall. So that right there being the case should tell you that it’s the rare and hard to find good CGI. It’s quick and it’s to the point, and it gets the job done about 95% of the time. If there’s one thing about this movie it’s that it doesn’t hold any punches. And that of course is just what it needed to have going for it to work. It’s got a true Grindhouse style to it, but of course that means it accept some of the cheesy bad things from those types of films as well.

The castings of this film has some really great actors that still come across rather hit and miss here. Danny Trejo is obviously having a blast, but I think people like Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, and even Robert De Niro at times seems kind of bored with what they are doing. However on a positive note I do think Michelle Rodriguez comes across way more womanly than I recall her coming across in a film in like, ever. She also actually looks kind of hot for what it’s worth. And do I need to go ahead and remind you folks that Steven Seagal is the film’s main villain? Steven is always fun to watch in a car crash kind of way, and take my word for it, he is just as bad as ever here. Now that of course could be a bad or good thing depending on how you feel about the man and his “acting”.

So I’d call Machete a film that is very much worth a watch because it can at times be really fun. It however can also at times be really silly and over the top in an almost too much kind of way. Some might have been looking for that in a way but I bet it’s not in such the way Machete at times seem to take. Also I’d much rather have just had a movie about a betrayed hit man rather than a bit of a social commentary on immigration that at times seems taken a little too far and overtakes the fun factor at times in doing so.

The Conclusion
I did like it, but I don’t think I liked it as much as I first assumed I would. While the score I’ll give shows its a film that’s pretty fun, it’s just a film I think I may have expected a lot more from. Perhaps had we kept it like it was on the violence side and just toned some of the goofy stuff, like Lindsay Lohan: The Nun with perfect aim, down a whole lot it could have even been epic. So instead of epic, it’s just good.

The Rating (7/10)