Madness (2010)

Being kidnapped and tortured by rednecks can bring people closer together!

Madness (2010)
Directed By: Sonny Laguna, David Liljeblad, & Tommy Wiklund

The Prologue
Seeing as how I’m from Tennessee I tend to get a little annoyed when the crazy rednecks in the woods movies always have the action happening in my home state. I know that sorta thing MIGHT be common around here but I mean  come on now, give us a break! I am however happy to report that in Madness the location isn’t Tennessee…so YAY! right there.

As for the movie you can sure tell it isn’t an American made film. And since it isn’t that should also give you a heads up that what you see will be bloody, shocking, and an over all good time.

The Movie

Four people end up in the clutches of a group of backwoods madmen (maybe all family??) and are forced to try to fight back to stay alive! And it’s a rather odd cookie to crunch on as the four main characters are supposed to be Americans, yet they have heavily Swedish accents and the killers speak full Swedish..well, most the time. It’s also suppose to take place in America but it’s clear that this isn’t American soil..anyway..

If you get past all that odd stuff there, the movie it’s self isn’t half bad. Sure the acting at times is laughable, and there isn’t a whole lot of plot, not to mention some silly looking fight scenes, but it gets more than made up for in the brutal department for sure. Also it should be noted that while the “backwoods” clan of killers card has been done to death this movie seems to do it better than most. As it shows signs of all the others but gives us new stuff as well.

I always try to avoid spoilers when I review a film but I must say the most shocking kill in this film to me happens within the first minutes and a half of movie. It was a kill you could probably see coming but you surely didn’t think it would be shown in such graphic details as it is. While I’ve seen a lot in movies, that kill got to me a little, and I actually felt pretty bad for watching it after it happened.

But battle with one’s inner morals isn’t what this is about and I’ll go as far as to say once the shock wore off I liked what I saw in Madness. The film is set in 1994 so old school stuff like cassettes (remember those kids??) and even a Game Boy (the old school one) make cameos throughout the film. Also I really enjoyed the over all look of the film as it looked really good and gave off a great vibe even when small shots of CGI were on the screen. I’d go as far as to say the bit of CGI used actually fit with the look of the movie..Plus, it’s not used enough to really hurt things.

Things get really bloody, people act hilariously by mistake I’m sure, but if you can get past the stupid ways the characters act you get a pretty gore filled shock fest that is highly enjoyable even if you have seen a zillion movies with the same plot. I also really liked the ending and the last shot was cool but that might get a little soured on you if you actually wait til after the credits for another scene to pop up.

The Conclusion
What can I say other than I really liked it? Well, I liked it after I got past that opening kill that was a little too much for me but the rest was fine. Good look, good kills, but bad acting, and some silly moments.

Still very much worth seeing out and watching it. And just so you know, you can find it HERE

The Rating (7/10)