McDonald’s Halloween Pals Return!…Kinda

Yes, these above here are the classic Halloween pals that McDonald’s use to have back in the day, and I have spoke of them before last year when I did a run-down of some classic Halloween memories I had. However did you know the pals are back?? And even more, did you know they are nothing like these classic pals??

Yes, THAT is the new McDonald’s Halloween pals, and yes..that’s Mr.Potato Head on them. I don’t know about you, but when I think of Halloween, I never once think Mr. Freakin’ Potato Head. The story of how this came to my knowledge is both of joy and pain. I was out with the family, they went to McDonald’s, I wasn’t very hungry so I ordered up a Happy Meal, I mean why the hell not? It’s October, I knew they’d probably have something Halloween themed..but I’ll admit, my eyes lit up like I was back 6-year-old when they handed me my Happy Meal in a bucket!…then I looked at it.

So it’s Mr.Potato Head…and yeah he’s dressed up as a hybrid of Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster, he’s got spooky stuff around him, but he still kinda sucks when compared to the pals of yesteryear.

Not even the “lid” cover, that was a slim cardboard with stickers to decorate the plain potato heads on the front could make me cheer up much! I’m happy there’s at least a bucket..but just look at it!..It’s soo not the same.

*Sad face*