Monster!!!….In My Pocket!?

Waaaaaay back in the day in the year 1990 Matchbox picked up a franchise developed by Morrison Entertainment Group, headed by Joe Morrison and John Weems (two former senior executives at Mattel) to release a little plastic set of monsters titled Monster In My Picket.

Now the series started with sets of little micro sized one color only person creature monsters that looked an awful lot like a few famous monsters and myths you may have heard of. Now allow me to use the mighty Wiki to give you some more info on these little toys..

In its first run, there were eleven series released, the third being the rarest. There were over 200 monsters in the collection, most of which were assigned a point value. Among the highest valued monsters were the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Griffin, Great Beast, Behemoth, Hydra, Werewolf (25 points) and among the least being the Etruscan Deity Charun, The Invisible Man, The Witch (5 points). Initially, the high point value was 25, which was elevated to 30 for the second and third series; the fourth, “Super Scary”, series introduced the 40-100 point monsters. The third series does not appear to have been formally released, though portions of it were released as premiums through Shreddies, Bob’s Big Boy, Pizza Hut, and Konami.

While I had many of these little bastards as a kid I had no clue of a point value I just thought they were awesome, and of course I loved the name. Pluse, they were CHEAP!..And you got a whole handful of them in most sets to boot!

Now it just started with the toys, this franchise spun out to boardgames, cards, comics, and even it’s own video game, and lets not forget a zillion other lines in the basic toys! Not bad for it’s self huh? Just makes me wonder why this stuff isn’t talked about more these days.

Also as if it wasn’t confused with the even more awesome M.U.S.C.L.E. set of tiny soft plastic toys enough you lucky folks in the UK even got a set of these things that were called Monster Wrestlers in My Pocket! Even at my age I am at now I wish I had of gotten my hands on this line. The UK always tends to get the cool sub-sets when it comes to toy lines.

Now as with everything cool this line got relaunched and may even still be in production today. But as any old school person like myself can ensure you, it just isn’t the same.