Ms. Horror Blogosphere..Or How the Horror Blog Community Wants to Kill Each Other

Well have you heard the news?? OF COURSE You have! As everyone knows The Vault of Horror is holding a contest between twenty female bloggers called the Ms. Horror Blogosphere. And as a result the shit-storm as went into full effect with blogs such as Pretty-Scary and Final Girl chipping in with their 2 cents stating they feel the whole thing to be idea I think they’ve reached due to Brian Solomon asking for photos of each contestant. Also the fact he asked each girl which horror persona they’d like to bang (also marry and kill to be fair) came up as well..but ya know..either way.

So long story short, battle lines are being drawn, and people are getting pissy, and mountains are being made to molehills, and feeling are being hurt, and I’m pretty much in the middle on my opinions of it because I have what I like to consider e-pals on both sides of it.

First off I don’t take Brian Solomon to be the type of guy to run a shallow contest just for the sake of it. While the last question (being a joke question I’m sure) might be a bit “out there” to some I don’t think guns were held to anyone’s head to answer it, and I’m sure had they picked not to answer it B-Sol wouldn’t have disqualified them from the contest..Also I think the picture thing may be over played a bit because if your getting to know a blogger a little more personally then to be fair a picture of said blogger could come in handy. Again, I don’t know the details but had a blogger not wanted to submit a picture I have my doubts they’d have been looked over for the contest or kicked out of it.

So are there a few people getting votes because they are easy on the eyes? I’m sure that is happening a bit..but that life isn’t it? I speak for myself here when I state I don’t think that has effected the over-all vote (just one man’s opinion). I voted for The Horror Digest, because the lady that does that blog seems to have a lot of the same taste in movies that I have and I really think she does a great job. Sadly I’d love to have been able to hand out other votes because such blogs as Dollar Bin Horror, Hey! Look Behind You!, The Deadly Doll House, and many many more all deserve votes that I wish I could have also gave because they are all awesome at what they do. But I’m sure they all benefited from the best part of the whole contest, and that was getting word out to the masses about each person’s blog that was in the contest.

So is the hottest person going to win? I wouldn’t go THAT far, I’d say like every other contest that has came before and will come after it, it’s a popularity contest…simple as that. And because of that the blog with the most readers will naturally be the winner but I wouldn’t take that to heart as being the “best”’s just the most well known in my humble opinion. For one to say a blog is as good as it’s number of readers would be like saying House of Wax was better than a movie like Splinter just because more people have heard of it. So fear not any lady that looses, just because another blog is more well known than yours and got more votes than yours by no means, means that the blog was better than yours..just means they have a lot more promotion and history on their side, thus the readers, thus the votes.

I don’t think this contest was ever really meant to be THE end-all for all female ran horror blogs to be judged by. I think it’s purpose was primarily just to be fun..a concept I think has been lost upon many in the horror world. Am I going to get upset when I end up losing the Mr. Horror Blogosphere contest to someone like B-Sol or the guy who runs Freddy In Space? Or am I gonna get pissed if I’m not even picked to be in it? No..not at all. Would I be happy just to have a chance to get word of this blog out? Indeed I would.