My FINAL Blog Post!!!

For…three months now you’ve watched as I’ve sliced and diced my way through many horror films and independent movies! Leaving behind a trail of pissed off directors along the way! But finally the terror has to come to and end!!!….Or maybe not….but it got you to look didn’t it??

I’m betting at this point you feel “had” huh? You probably feel lied to! And if you feel that way about a blog just think how it can make someone feel to go out of their way to watch a horror movie that is billed as THE LAST ONE in a horror franchise, even have the movie have a rather “final” ending. Then pop back up a short time later with yes another movie!!

Oh we told you the terror was over…but we were WRONG!…DEAD WRONG!!! *thunder & spooky music*

For those of you who are old enough to remember 1984..sadly I was one so count me out..Friday the 13th had pretty much ran out of steam already so what did they do to get people back in the theaters for another sequel? They called it, The Final Chapter! They didn’t just fool the audience they fooled people working on the movie as well. I think the only reason Tom Savini came back was to be the one who “killed” Jason off. And he did a good job of it. Problem was he and director Joseph Zito did such a good job doing it they just had to keep it going!

Then of course they lied to us once again in 1993 when Jason went to hell for the Final Friday!

How about our pal Freddy? Anyone remember Freddy’s Dead The Final Nightmare?? Hmmm..seems like they had at least one more after that, then one with Jason!

Halloween H20 wasn’t billed as the last in the series but it sure did end like it would be. Then of course Michael pulls a Harry Houdini to come back in Resurrection, and I think we all agree we’d rather he hadn’t.

I’ve talked about SAW before but at least they don’t bother trying to tell us the next one is THE last one anymore. Not that anyone would believe it at this point anyway, but the thing is I just hate being lied to.

The truth is the ONLY way any horror movies that says it’s the FINAL one in a series will actually be the last one is if that movie fails to make any money. Until then, just don’t fall for it folks!