Night Of The Creeps (1986)

Did this movie “Thrill Me!”?…Yes, yes it did!

Night Of The Creeps (1986)
Directed By: Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad,RoboCop 3)

The Prologue
Isn’t it a shame that a great movie that came out in 1986 doesn’t get the DVD treatment until the year 2009?? I always remember hearing about Night of the Creeps but I never seen it, even in the days of VHS renting every weekend I somehow missed it. I had a chance to watch it once on TV a few years back actually, but I had a date that night so I kinda picked the woman over the movie..can’t blame me right?

It was actually that ordeal that lead me to finding out there wasn’t a DVD for it. I got back at the end of the weekend, went to look it up and found out that much to my surprise that there wasn’t any DVD of it! I just didn’t get it, how can a movie that got the prime time treatment one night on a movie channel (Sorry but I forgot which one but I wanna say IFC) actually not have a DVD??

But here comes 2009 and here came Night of the Creeps FINALLY on DVD and thus my wait paid off and I finally got to watch it last night, and I believe it was well worth the wait. 

The Movie
Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie, and suddenly I see where Slither got their plot from! But either way this film is just great folks. We start in space, we dip down in the 50’s and we then get our stuff rolling in the 80’s. So when you think of all that being together in one movie you just got to wonder how could it NOT be awesome? Kudos to director Fred Dekker because not only IS this movie awesome but I now no longer feel The Monster Squad is his best film.

So in a movie that is loaded with the cheese of the 80’s (and that’s a good thing) what I feel stands out the most is none other than Detective Ray Cameron played by one of my all time favorites Tom Atkins. Had Tom been THIS man in Halloween 3 I feel there would have been a ton of kids that would have been saved from having their heads nuked that night.

Also I must show some love to the fact that once people are turned into Zombies in this movie they still don’t run! I mean this was a logical reason to have running Zombies, it’s a comedy, and it’s fresh cadavers, but they still stick with the “rule” and you gotta respect that. Also if you watch this you’ll see where Peter Jackson got the idea for the Dead-Alive lawnmower to a Zombie scene!

The only complaint I have at all about this one kids is the fact that there is some parts that just drag water. However that’s understandable because we are also working a teen movie type romance plot in with everything. And that’s not terrible because I enjoyed having Cynthia (played by the lovely Jill Whitlow) on the screen, she looks great holding a flame thrower. However, I do wish more of the middle of the movie was like the final 30 minutes of the movie..because to me that was just epic stuff!

The Conclusion
I’d say it was better late than never on the DVD release of this movie. It has all the things I like about horror, mainly 80’s horror and it’s just a great movie to watch..especially with a group of friends.

I still believe Tom Adkins steals this show hands down. If the man doesn’t make you want to say “Thrill Me!” every time you pick up your phone after watching this then there’s something wrong with you.

I just want to know why the old school cover got no love with this new release?

The Rating (8/10)