Night of the Punks (2010) (Short Film)

Rock-n-Roll is evil..

Night of the Punks (2010) (Short Film)
Directed By: Dan Riesser

The Movie
In this short film, a punk band takes a gig out of town to a place that seems to be out in the dead end of the town they are visiting. While they are let down at first by the fact that not many people at all seem to have shown up, the band does what any good band would do, they have the show go on. Now of course you’d probably be safe to assume things are not all the way on the up and up and before this show is over you’d best believe some people are more than likely going to be killed in horrible ways once the cat comes out of the bag as to just what the hell is going on.

Night of the Punks is a film that’s small on run-time but long on entertainment. It’s a fun 19 minutes and it being a short film means that we can forget all the dragging most films have and just get to the point within the movie. It’s almost as if the Evil Dead crashed into Night of the Demons with this one, and it’s a good combination. Good characters, good gore, and an overall good time is what you get as we take a look at the “dark” side to rock music. It’s good enough that you actually wish it was a full length. That beats the hell out of movies you wish were shorts. So this one accomplishes whatever it set forth to accomplish in my book due to the fact I wish it was actually longer.

Now if you had to pick one fault of this thing, and it’s not really that bad, it would be that at times the dialogue seems a little gimmicky with all the rock references. The characters love music and they at times go a little more out of the way to make you know that than they probably need to. Not that it’s the worst thing ever, because it still beats the hell out of the same old boring dialogue most movies want to give you. It’s just something you kinda notice and at times seems to work a little less affectingly than others. Again, not that it really brings the short down at all because it’s still highly entertaining. It also wraps by giveing you a pretty funny, if not somewhat predicable ending…Rock on, dudes!

The Rating (6.5/10)