Nightmare Castle (1965)

Step Sisters that look just a like??!! Come on people!!!??

Nightmare Castle (1965)
Directed By: Mario Caiano (Vampire in Venice)

The Prologue
Looks like we are dealing with some more Italian oldies this time around friends. We are also dealing with another one of those old black and white films you can find in the public domain..Which isn’t a knock at all on those types of films, I mean after all “Night of the Living Dead” is in that same group.

Turns out with this movie we are also dealing with another film that seems to have a zillion different titles. Lovers Beyond the Tomb, Lovers from Beyond the Tomb, Night of the Doomed (UK),Nightmare Castle (USA), Orgasmo (no I’m not making that one up), The Faceless Monster and there is probably 75 more I’m leaving off but I think you get the picture here right?

The Movie

So what are we dealing with here? A woman and her lover are tortured and killed by her sadistic husband who as you can guess gets rather pissed when he catches them doing the big nasty or a very old school PG version of it. The pair then return from the grave to seek vengeance after the movie turns into a plot of the husband trying to manipulate the dead wife’s step sister into getting all his dead wife’s money that she left to her step sister, who she even at one point admits she hates..nice way of showing it, makes me wish more rich people hated me.

So like you’d guess the movie has it’s hits and misses but let me focus on the hits right off the bat. The best thing that stands out to me here is two actors..the main two actors, Paul Muller who plays the crazy husband Dr. Stephen Arrowsmith who also happens to be a scientist, and evil bastard one at that. And Barbara Steele (who was very very bangable back in 1965 I must say) who pulls double duty playing both Muriel Arrowsmith and her step sister Jenny (Step sisters that look just a like, no that’s not odd at all). Both hold things together well playing their roles to a T, and since there’s only a handful of actors even in the movie it works well..Sadly I just wish they had more here to work with. Also to spite the very small amount of gore you do get a feel of movies to come with tame actions of what would later be known as “Torture Porn” when it a much much more graphic level later in films by many in the review business.

The bad is a lot of the stuff just comes off kinda silly (HELLO!! Step sisters that look just a like anyone???). 1968 or not some stuff I don’t get. Like why Spirits who have came back for revenge would actually bother grabbing weapons and using them when you’d think they could pull some ya know..evil spirit tricks out of their bags? Also at one point a random butler shows up just in time to be written off. Now that makes me wonder where this man was before when all the other stuff was going on in the house. I don’t think it’s a case of me missing anything, I think it’s just a random butler that shows up out of the blue as if he’s been there the whole time when he’s actually just been around for about 4 minutes.

But hey, still could have been a lot worse right?

The Conclusion
So if you ever want to see this movie it shouldn’t be too hard to see, but it’s really not THAT exciting to go out of your way for.

While there’s a lot worse out there I’d still only save this one until you have nothing else at all to watch. Cause nothing about it will really stand out besides a few cool scenes that for it’s time was a bit shocking.

The Rating (4/10)