Nightwatch (1997)

A very good thriller..

Nightwatch (1997)
Directed By: Ole Bornedal

The Prologue
The 1997 thriller, Nightwatch, is a remake of a film from another country by the same name and by the same director, Ole Bornedal. Now we usually hate remakes but if it’s a near shot for shot remake with the same director we can look over the fact right? I mean I don’t see why people can’t read subtitles either but apparently we live in a world where people are too lazy to read! But when you add in the fact that this movie has the cast it has, you can’t argue with watching it over the original. I dare say that the only beef I have at all here with the casting is the fact that it does co-star, Patricia Arquette, and she somehow manages to keep her cloths on..What’s up with that??

The Movie

A soon to graduate Law student takes a part time job as a Nightwatchman. Believing he’ll be able to sit on his ass and study with his biggest problem being his paranoia in this scary setting but he soon finds himself drawn into the morbid history of this morgue concerning a previous troubled nightwatchman raping female corpses. Could this same person behind the series of grisly serial slayings that are occurring in the city the student dwells in? Is the history really gone and forgotten? And why is the student finding himself disturbingly connected to these killings? Somehow or another this student must act as a makeshift detective or otherwise he’ll end up in jail or worse…become this deranged serial murderers final victim in a twisted morbid masterpiece.

Ewan McGregor, Patricia Arquette, Josh Brolin, Lauren Graham, and Nick Nolte all star in this creepy little movie that I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of before until now. Using a morgue as a backdrop, you get a mystery story that sends far more chills down you than you’d get otherwise. But still above all else, with a different cast it probably would have never worked out half as well. While McGregor is the lead and everyone as always loves him, I find that it’s Josh Brolin as his half crazed best friend that steals the show. We know we always look forward to his roles now days, but what we have here may be his first truly great performance.

Patricia Arquette not getting naked aside, my only real beef with this movie is it’s re-watch value. While the movie gives us a very strong “who done it?” story, and that story is full of twist and turns and builds up such a strong issue against our lead we wonder how he’ll ever get through this. I question just how good of a watch this will be the second time around. That’s always been the major issue with movies like this. You get a great up and down ride as you watch for the first time and you even get a shocking ending. But will it be that fun the second time around? Probably not, but the film still is very solid.

But with those questions put aside, you still can’t argue with good, drama filled storytelling. And that is just what you get with, Nightwatch. At times, and I’m not sure 100% sure why, it felt as if this movie gave me a bit of a Seven vibe. You might laugh at that statement, but it’s true none the less. Plus to spite mostly being a drama/thriller you do get enough to intrigue the most hardcore horror movie fans. It’s almost a total package. Some might say the ending was a bit predictable, but it fooled me so who knows? I guess we can leave that up to you.

The Conclusion
Well, I enjoyed it very much on my first ever viewing of it and I think a lot of you would too. Will it be that fun the second time around? Probably not, but it is a very well put together film. You got a good cast, a good plot, and in my opinion a very good twist. I’d say check it out if you haven’t already.

The Rating (7.5/10)