No Signal! The Horror Of Cell Phones In Horror Movies

Remember back in the day before cells became as common as well a house phone! (Are those still common??) It was pretty easy to think that all those kids that get caught in the clutches of danger be unable to phone for help once their phone lines get clipped (if they had one or if it worked at all) but now days everyone seems to have a cell and thus in every horror movie that comes out the same damn thing happens to them…No Signal!!!

Now folks I live in a pretty far out area in the woods, I don’t ever have a full cell signal but I got enough of a signal to phone out to the cops if a mad man in a mask ever tries to cut me to bits. Apparently that just isn’t the case in every horror movie under the sun because regardless of where they are when disaster strikes they never are able to get even the slightest signal to phone out. That’s OK some of the time, but ALL of it?? It get’s a little hard to buy after it’s happen a few hundred times in horror because I’ve seen the cell phone commercials, there’s service in at least some of those areas damn it!! *shakes fist*

But to be fair now cell phones having no signal isn’t always the case. I’ve seen horror movies where the batteries have died and where the phones have been broken but usually they just go to the old reliable, “NO SIGNAL!!!!”

Wouldn’t it make sense to at least have the cell work some of the time? I mean after all in horror movies where the phone is what is the cause for the panic the phones work fine. So how about we let the people get their calls out from time to time? This doesn’t mean they are safe, no not at all! Remember Return of the Living Dead?? Back when they had standard phones, Ernie was able to make that call to seek help for Freddy and Frank. Did that mean everything was ok because the call went through? Nope! It just simply lead to one of the best lines in horror history. So how about we let these folks call or text themselves some help on these movies and then simply let the person charging in to save the day (friend, family, or authority) run right into the clutches of danger to?! 

I mean how many times would I police department usually just send in one Cop to check things out? It’s 100% believable and doesn’t really take the victims out of danger at all, it just leads more people to it.

So to any horror directors, writers, what have you that may be seeing this all I ask is you break this new trend and simply let the phone work!