Odds and Ends (02/25/10)

* First thing first the Mr.Horror Blogosphere contest is a GO here on Zombies DON’T Run! I never got any death threats or e-bricks through my e-window so I just assume that it is blessed by those who it should be blessed by and what have you.

TWENTY Male Bloggers have been sent invitations, some you may know, some you may not know but that’s the point. About half have already gotten back to with me with just one decline so far, which I expected to get a no from the person that said no so I had a backup. 

If I can get everyone’s questions back by Monday I have plans to start it then on March 1st. I’ll post at least two entries a day and then when all is done we’ll have voting open for at least two weeks. So if all goes well we should have a Mr. Horror Blogosphere to go right along side Ms. Horror Blogosphere. And if you win you’ll get an altered version of the contest graphic to display on your blog and depending on how things go you may get something else..so we’ll just wait and see.

Also as I said before, I myself will NOT be in this contest because lets face it, if I was and I somehow won with the contest being on MY blog you just know someone would get all Super Heidi on me and we don’t want that now do we?

So everyone play nice and have fun! After all that’s the point.

* So has everyone heard about the Toyota cars yet? Apparently now it’s being connected with an evil spirit that has cursed all the cars! And sadly this story developed here in Tennessee as some crazy lady said she performed an exorcism in her own car, ON her own car as it went crazy with her and refused to stop. Apparently the exorcism worked as she lived to tell the story

And I swear not everyone here in Tennessee is batshit crazy.

* The Rondo Awards have selected the nominees for their awards. Zombies DON’T Run wasn’t nominated, showing the powers that be have no taste (j/k) Congratulations to all the nominees I am happy for each and every one of you. Sadly however someone over at Pretty Scary is PMS’ing again and this time it’s over the people picked for some of those awards. Valid points or unnecessary complaining out of The Super One? I’ll let you fine folks decide that