Odds and Ends (03/30/10)

* Well Mr.Horror Blogosphere is in the books and after the revote we got the same result..be it a little closer. Now that it’s over with I must ask again that you fine folks stop sending me votes! As of this morning votes are still coming in leaving me to believe that either I’m on the end of a very odd joke or that maybe people don’t know what day of the week it is.

Also if you are wondering I got in a few write in votes as well for such fine folks as Ronald McDonald, Reggie Bush, and Jesus!…Seriously.

* You know it’s always funny when someone in the family finds out I do this. Just the other day my cousins asked me about Paranormal Activity and asked if I thought it was real. To which I couldn’t help but reply with, “Oh yeah! And to make it worse that demon brought them back alive just so it could kill them again in like 6 different ways…You know, just so it could find a finish it was happy with.”

I don’t think they got the joke.

* Apparently everything in the world is being remade now..So if you can name a movie it’s being remade. The Monster Squad?? WHY????…I’ll never understand why people don’t just go for something new but then again I’m not being paid the big bucks to come up with this stuff now am I?

Top that off with many old films being altered to 3-D?? If you like pop-up books I guess you might dig that.

* If my calculations are correct I’m supposed to be on the Horrorphilia Podcast next week..or perhaps the week after? Either way I’m going to be on there soon. I already do reviews for them but now I get the chance to unleash my verbal skills upon the world as it will become painfully apparently when I first open my mouth that I am from Tennessee!

Speaking of mouths, I’ll be doing Dr.Giggles, The Dentist, and The Dentist 2 on that show..tune in when it’s done will you??