Odds and Ends (05/09/11)

Well I hope everyone has had a happy Mother’s Day!..if you are a Mom that is.

* Not sure if you guys read my review of the original Mother’s Day and the remake of Mother’s Day yet, but I encourage you to do so!

I also suggest you go over to Horrorphilia and checkout the MEGA review for the remake of Mother’s Day! Everyone on staff took their turn reviewing it.

* I’ve heard the new trailer for Final Destination 5 is out there in some areas today. Am I the only person who has grown sick to death of that franchise??

* Heard that actress and model Kelly Brook unfortunately had a miscarriage today. Our thoughts go out to her, that’s never a good thing. Having friends that have been through such a horrible thing as that I’ve seen how horrible the effects of that can be on people. You have to really feel bad for all that is involved.

* Have you guys checked out the Zombies Don’t Run youtube channel yet??? Here’s a couple new gems from that.