Odds and Ends (05/25/11) *END OF THE WOLD EDITION*

“I made it! I made it! I knew I’d make it! I f**king made it!” ~ Jeff, Cabin Fever

* Another week another “end of the world” crisis survived! I’m not sure what was worse, the fact a man of God would even try to pretend at all like he could predict the end of the world or the fact he took folks for millions. Not to be outdone (and apparently because he’s not a quitter), Harold Camping has now predicted the end of the world on October 21st!..BRING IT ON, old man!

If you haven’t noticed yet (and if you were too young to remember 1994 when he got this wrong before) the man will keep on making new dates for “The End” until he’s called home to that big radio show in the sky. Seeing as how I was born in 1983, I’ve survived several noticeable end of the world predictions. I survived 1984, 1994, the church that thought Jesus was coming on a comet, and this one. Now all I gotta do is make it through 2012 and then await the next nutjob with the idea that he can actually predict this sorta thing.

Now just out of curiosity, if I predict a date would you all send me millions too?? “None-profit” of course..wink..wink.

* If you have yet to hear, the 2011 LAMMY Nominations have once again been decided. And once again you’ll notice that I have sadly not made the final cut! A becoming trend in movie site and blogging awards. But while I wasn’t a full on nominee, I did however manage to catch some love from a few (or maybe just one person) who was awesome enough (and clearly had the great taste) to pre-nominate me for a few categories. They were as follows..

Best Horror/Sci-Fi Blog – The fact I didn’t get passed a pre-nomination shows I need to spend more time talking about aliens/vampires and less time talking about Katy Perry. Speaking of which…

Funniest Writer – This is the super-duper-serious blogging world! What the hell are you talking about?? We can’t joke and be funny here and you know it!!

Most Prolific – I had to google the word “prolific” and it’s apparently an award to honor you for having no life and being able to post a lot of stuff on your site..thanks!

All snubbing aside (and now I know how former MLB player Tim Salmon felt) I want to sincerely congratulate everyone nominated! Even if I don’t have a damn clue who 80% of you are. And I want to encourage everyone to toss their votes behind Matt and his site Chuck Norris Ate My Baby for the Best Blog Name category. Matt is going for the repeat and we wish him the best of luck!

* One of the funniest things I’ve noticed as of late is a good chunk of the site traffic I’ve been getting has to do with a post I made about Megan Fox and her ugly ass thumb! You know? That TOE THUMB thing? Well in honor of “dat thumb”! Here’s some pictures of Megan..and her Toethumb!!

Don’t get it twisted.. I’d STILL hit it.