Odds and Ends (06/28/10)

* Well pardon me if this update here isn’t full of shameless shelf promotion but the news is (if you want to call it that) the old Zombies DON’T Run Myspace page has been deleted (by me) and now we have a NEW Zombies DON’T Run Myspace page. And you may be asking “Well, Chuck..why bother with MySpace?” and the answer to that comes with a simple answer, The MUSIC my friend!

I finally offer you the chance to click over there and hear a few songs off my full length Rigormortis album! Or I offer you the chance to simply skip that and download it HERE for free of course!! I finally am happy enough with it to put it out so download it, play it for your friends, or use it drive out people held up with a standoff I really don’t care. Here’s some more details if you want…

Chuck Conry – Rigormortis (2010)
01: They Came Back (Hungry)
02: 1 Gun, 1 Bullet, Endless Opportunity
03: Zombies DON’T Run
04: Dance of the Dead
05: Billy and His Penis Don’t Deserve You
06: – Intermission-
07: The Lonely Grave of Charles R. Conry
08: It’s Just You, Me, and The Boomstick
09: Zombie Stomp
10: Never Been (Don’t Worry You’ll  Get the Shit)
11: The Ballad of the Hellbound Heart
12: More Time (R.I.P.)

Once again download that HERE or click the banner on the right of you on the side of the blog.

* If you like vampires (that don’t sparkly) then you’ll want to tune in for the Horrorphilia Podcast! While the upcoming show features random movies like Someone’s Knocking At The Door, The Last Horror Film, Flight of the Dead, and MORE the show after that will feature all vampire flicks! We’ll be covering everything from The Lost Boys to Fright Night so be sure to keep checking out that site.

I also have some reviews that will be popping up there before they pop up here so again check them out just as much as you check this place out. They also give you new movie trailers and other cool things to look at as well.

* Did you check out the first edition of Face Off yet? If you didn’t you should, as two well loved horror community members square off on today’s hottest topics!! This time around it was Pax Romano vs. Bryan Schuessler!

I assure you more of these will be on the way with plenty of people involved!

* I know I may be late on this, but did you hear about the 5th Twilight book being put on hold indefinitely? Stephenie Myer doesn’t like it when half finished work leaks. The first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun (A re-telling of Twilight from Edwards point of view) was leaked and she was so down about it she halted the book and just publicly has given the unfinished work away.

Think what you will about Twilight but I can see where she is coming from. That being said, I think she’ll sleep just fine on her bed made of money.

* I’ve heard at the current time there are NO plans on rushing with a sequel to the remake of Friday The 13th. I guess the people watching the film weren’t the only ones disappointed in the movie. But I’ll go ahead and say I didn’t think it was great or anything by any means but since you already re-made it you might as well shoot for a sequel and just try to improve on it.

You did a great job on the T & A how about some none CGI blood please??..Pretty please??