Odds and Ends (09/07/10)

* Well fist off let me get the ball rolling by bringing up that I have apparently won two more blog awards! I won the Sunshine Award from the Girls Beauty Blog! lol Not a typical blog for a horror blog to win an award from, but thank you very much!

Also I picked up the Zombie Rabbit Award from Memoirs of a Scream Queen! I won this last year and have taken it home again this year! It’s greatly appreciated!

* So I crawled out of my hole and went to a movie this past weekend, where I saw The Last Exorcism (with a girl for the record). And yeeeah, not blown away by it at all. Like I said in the review, the girl I mentioned here didn’t seem a bit bothered by what was going on, and she’s not even use to horror stuff for the most part. So I was disappointed in this film a little to say the least.

Now we had every intention in the world of seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but apparently Scott can’t take on the box office to last more than a few weeks before being booted out of theaters.  Piranha 3D and Machete were out of the question here..

* I also need to point out that the fine folks at MVD recently sent me Night of the Living Dead Re-Animated for review! Now as many of you may remember, my review of that film wasn’t that favorable, and a few misunderstandings here and there after lead to me and the film’s maker having a few unkind words with one another. 

None the less, give that a read if you haven’t and remember to check out MVD for many great titles under very great prices!

* Now last today, I just want to say, I don’t know if you have noticed, but I’ve been really trying to keep Zombies DON’T Run drama free. I’ve seen a few shots taken at me here and there and I’ve let it go. I’ve been trying my best not to waste the space on this site with stuff not even related to what this site is about. But after an e-mail I received the other day from a good friend of mine in the horror community that wishes to remain anonymous, it directed my attention to something that went down on another site. I feel the need to address the issue. 

Now I don’t know if I’ve been flat out accused of this or if it was just hinted at within some circles, but let me make myself clear as crystal. I DON’T have the time to troll around on sites and leave troll-ish comments. And better yet, if I did I would be more than happy to leave my name attached with said comments. I’ve never been afraid to say what I think of something or someone and one quick look around this site should point that out. So rest easy folks, if I wanted to take a shot at you or insult you, I’d be more than happy to say it without hiding behind a false name.