Odds and Ends (10/26/09)

He came up from the lake! He’s died and came back a zillion times! He went to hell! He..almost ran my friend off the road yesterday while driving a red truck???

In what was possibly the strangest news I’ve heard in awhile my friend and his Wife were driving home last night when a man in a red truck got right on his bumper and pretty much stayed there. After checking the rear-view he noticed that the man driving the truck was sporting none other than a Jason mask..and not one of the cheap ones either, one of the highly priced ones. I guess if your going to nearly cause someone to wreck you might as well dressed as nice as you can right? The town I come from doesn’t usually have stuff like this going on so that was even more of a shock for me to hear, but can you picture a guy riding your bumper with a Jason mask on?? lol Needless to say he was kinda creeped out.

In some other news I didn’t look to hear SAW 6 actually debuted at #2 this week behind Paranormal Activity! WOW! Hope for the world yet??..I bet the folks behind SAW didn’t think there was a chance they’d come up short of #1 on the first week, but I think it goes to prove my earlier theory that SAW really needs to take a break and that folks are just looking for something new to scare them this year for Halloween.

And in news that should shock no one because Hollywood seems to think you just GOTTA have a sequel Paramount announced this week that a Paranormal Activity 2 is VERY likely. I just wonder what the odds are of it being done in 3-D are?

Well that’s all I got for now folks..slow news week indeed.