Odds and Ends (11/22/10)

Yo! First and foremost in case I don’t get the chance to later in the week, I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! Try not to burn your home or a friend or family member’s home down deep frying a turkey!

* So as you all know, it’s been kind of dead around here. Have I lost my will to post countless reviews and post with the grammar of a 6th grader?? NOPE!..Afraid not. Turns out last Tuesday, around 1 p.m., a tree feel down and decided to take out my front porch. Now as everyone knows (or may not know) I’m a caregiver/caretaker whatever you want to call it of my 80+ year old grandmother, and the tree had the front door blocked, and the steps are bad around back, so we were trapped in for a bit…

Big thanks to 911 for not believing it was a real emergency and waiting 45 minutes to send someone!

But besides all that, nobody is hurt. The porch is being built back as I type this, and other close trees are being removed, so it may take a week or so, but things should be back to normal soon…I hope.

* On the very same day that the tree fell down, I received my Vengeance Trilogy box-set  featuring Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance, Oldboy, and Lady Vengeance. It’s an 8 disc set that features the “fade to white” version of Lady Vengeance! I won this from the fine folks over at I Like Horror Movies! It lessoned the blow a bit, and you should have seen the UPS lady’s face when she saw the tree in my porch 😉

* Also I need to send out an apology to the guys over at Velvet Hammer Films, they sent me a screener for Silent Night, Zombie Night and I’m not going to get to cover it because the postman broke the disc. I kid you not..BUT who knows, I may get a chance to review it sooner or later.

* Also Todd Miro, I have not forgot about your short film, Enter The Dark. I will get to that ASAP as well.

* As a matter of fact we got reviews coming soon for some cool stuff. The Loved Ones, Isle of the Damned, Lost Boys 3, The Edge of Darkness, He Was A Quite Man, and much much more..A little something for everyone here at Zombies DON’T Run!