Odds and Ends (12/27/09)

Well another Christmas has came and went my friends and now we head into New Years! I suppose this means my days with Katy Perry wishing you a Merry X-mas on the side bar are numbered. But I’m sure I’ll find a way to work in around here someway or another..

* So have you noticed there has been a LOT of movie reviews on here as of late?? Well I hope you have because that shows you’ve been paying attention! What’s up with that is we are speeding through all the horror DVDs I got this year for Christmas. We are already eight down and we have like seven more to go! Hoorah!

* Oh and looky looky District 9 and Paranormal Activity are finally on DVD! (or will be Tuesday) add this up with the soon to be released Halloween 2 and SAW 6 it looks like I’m soo going to broke, thank goodness I got a Birthday coming up in February right?

* For the record folks, when you open up the DVD of I Spit On Your Grave on Christmas morning it can get you some funny looks..just sayin’

* Over at Horrorphilia you’ll notice they have a new podcast up! They also have a year end show coming up and I actually broke down and made a Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade list I sent in for that. Some of what I picked I’m sure will shock a few folks but since I couldn’t really add Kill Bill vol.1 or 2 to a horror list I had some open spots

* Just a couple more days gang to get me your Top 10 Horror Movies of the 80’s list! I think we may have a few surprises on that list as well!

* Ever notice how “No Easy Way Out” from Rocky 4 is like THE best song ever? And leads to one of the greatest montages of all-time?? R.I.P. Apollo!

* Well gang I’ll now return you to your movie review marathon! Look for a review of Night of the Creeps and Happy Birthday To Me coming up soon today!