Pepsi + Universal Monsters ='s WIN!

Now a little known fact is I’ve always been a Dr.Pepper man. Not just Dr.Pepper the drink but the products they make as well, see me living down south means I have access to a drink they make called Sundrop and while I always loved the stuff it never loved my kidneys so I had to stop drinking it 😉 None the less, in the early 90’s once a year I’d become a Pepsi man, and that was all do to the three year running cross promotion they had with the classic Universal Monsters!

From the years of 1991-1993 Pepsi ran a cross promotion with the Universal Monsters where The Bride of Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, and The Wolfman would all appeared on different Pepsi made products. Among the perks of this crossover were the monsters all appearing on different brands of the Pepi Soft drinks. A different monster was on a different brand drink (With the Creature from the Black Lagoon always getting Mountain Dew due to the fact both are green). This started with the first promotion called Pepsi Monster Match from 1991, then again in 1992 called The Monster Bash. There was one more in 1993 and while I can’t recall the clever name of it, the Monsters seemed to have a more well rounded detail in the packages.

Needless to say as a kid I was VERY excited. While I grew up in a time of the Freddy and Jason days I had a love and respect for the classic monsters even if I wasn’t as familiar with the films they were in. And it wasn’t just me, I think kids and adults were just as equally pleased with this cross promotion. Just seeing the Universal Monsters grace the cases, bottles, and displays was great. We also got to see a “hip” version of each on the front. We’d see such cool images as Dracula at a Disco, Wolfman in a Hawaiian shirt playing pool and so on and so forth. Plus when you got the products it came with a trading card from a set featuring each monster! So what wasn’t to love??

Also being a product of Pepsi, Doritos got in on the fun as well with the monsters on the packs AND a cool sticker in each pack!..It was (if nothing else) a great reason for everyone young and old to put on a few pounds eating junk food!

Sadly Pepsi would drop the whole concept after 1993 and we got Monsters Of The Gridiron in 1994. Me being a sports fan, I was OK with it but I’ll admit I really missed the Universal Monsters and I to this day still do. I just wish companies would get creative with this type stuff again once a year..namely around Halloween. Pepsi would probably be the one to do it since they did this, the football stuff, and later the StarWars Episode 1 stuff, but I fear that if they went with stuff like this now days we’d end up with stuff Twilight instead of the classics like Universal.

OOoops! It was Coke that did Monsters Of The Gridiron in 94 not Pepsi! So I’m not sure what Pepsi dropped this for, if anything.