Piranha (2010)


Piranha (2010)
Directed By: Alexandre Aja (High Tension)

The Prologue
So I’m late to the dance on the remake of Piranha, aka Piranha 3D. As the story goes, I went on a date (surprise! surprise!) and we had the option of seeing this, but we ultimately went with The Last Exorcism cause the girl I was with wasn’t feeling this..Bad, bad, idea. In all honesty, I’m a BIG fan of Alexandre Aja’s work. I love the amount of gore he uses in his films, and I loved The remake of The Hills Have Eyes and his film High Tension. I also didn’t hate Mirrors (that much), or P2, a film he simply came up with the screenplay and story for. While the original Piranha wasn’t horrible and was kinda cool in it’s own way, there was room for improvement. Usually I’m sick of remakes, but since it’s Alexandre Aja, I’m a little more forgiving.

The Movie
So it’s party time at Lake Victoria! 50,000 horny people are all gathered around to chill out and do God knows what in the water. It’s at this time that a tremor happens nearby that sets loose a whole swarm of prehistoric man-eating fish. So it’s Piranha, but not just any ol’ Piranha. So can our local Sheriff, Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue FTW!), save the day? And better yet, can she save her own kids who get trapped out in the middle of all this madness?? It’s a pretty fun ride overall, with tons of blood, funny moments, and some good old school T and A! Soo see there? Who said all remakes have to be boring?? Toss in a little drama, and we have an overall good film that I think a lot of people can enjoy.

I’m soo happy to see Elisabeth Shue here. I think she’s still a very attractive woman and she plays her role very well here. As a matter of fact, everyone seems to play their roles very well. From Ving Rhames to Kelly Brook (OMG! WHOoooo!) to even the small cameo from Eli Roth and Richard Dreyfuss, everyone plays their parts very VERY well. You might not think a movie like this would have acting that was pretty good, but it does. Perhaps we can thank our director for his smart casting there? It was also pretty cool seeing Christopher Lloyd back in a movie. I’m not sure where he’s been, or if he has been making movies, so let me put it another way ok? I’m happy to see Christopher Lloyd back in a film I WANTED to see. Sure you have blood and boobs, but you needed good characters and actors to keep you paying attention in between that. Luckily, this movie has it.

Also, how can we talk about a Alexandre Aja film without bringing up the gore?? Sure there’s a few lame CGI kills in this one, but there’s enough gore to hold you down regardless. Especially near the 3rd act when all hell breaks loose in this one. In the original it was a fun scene when the piranha attacked all the kids in the water, so imagine what an upgraded version of that with plenty of people being torn to bits by these things looks like? I’ve always stated that I hate CGI for the most part, and especially when it comes to gore. That being said however, I think the CGI piranha more than top the silly hand-puppet ones from the 1978 version.

While a remake of the 1978 movie, I think the film almost seems to borrow more elements of the actual sequel than the original. However, don’t worry, no flying fish running around out of the water here. It’s really got a full blown party vibe, right down to the teen love angle and the grown ups getting naked and doing drugs! It’s a film that’s like a mix of the old Piranha with Girls Gone Wild. Which going by one of the subplots is probably the point. As a result, there’s a lot of folks who just won’t have much use for a film of this nature. But at the same time because of all that stuff there are people who will love it more for it. I can say that I thought it was a lot of fun and I liked it. Not just due to the nudity and blood either. I thought there was some moments of real suspense built up. I will at the same time admit there was a little bit of dragging. A lot of the kills before the massacre near the end aren’t that great AND I thought the ending was a bit of a waste. Besides that, it’s a fun movie to watch.

The Conclusion
I suppose with the sequel titled, Piranha 3DD getting started on being made TODAY, I can kinda forgive the ending a little more. Or at least I have now. I’ll still have to see who returns and where we pick up from in the next one before I can make my mind up on that issue. It’s not High Tension, but Aja does give us a bloody good time with this one for the most part.

The Rating (7.5/10)