Prebook for February: Intervision's Burning Moon


Label: Intervision Picture Corp.
Pre-book: 1/17/12 Streets: 2/14/12 SRP: $19.95
UPC#: 063390095636 Cat#: INT1105 Run Time: 98 Minutes
In German Subtitled in English
Color Widescreen Anamorphic
Dolby Digital 2.0 All Regions
Director: Olaf Ittenbach
Stars: Andrea Arbter, Olaf Ittenbach, Ellen Fischer, RonaldFuhrmann
Production Year: 1997 Genre: Horror

“When the Germans make a horror movie,” saysMr. Beaks of Ain’t It Cool News, “THEY MAKE A F___ING HORRORMOVIE!” In 1997, writer/director/special effects master Olaf Ittenbachchanged the face of video horror, force-fed its ripped-out eyeballs toscreaming audiences, then used a drill, machete and shotgun on itsstill-twitching torso: Ittenbach himself stars as a degenerate junkie whobabysits his young sister with two bedtime stories of the damned. First, anescaped serial killer turns date night into a graphic family massacre. Thena country priest on a rape and murder spree leads to a disturbinglyexplicit descent into Hell. It became the VHS that shocked America. It hasbeen banned in its Motherland for nearly 20 years. And it remains perhapsthe most violent and depraved shot-on-video saga in history. This is THEBURNING MOON.