Prom Night (1980)

Disco dancing!

Prom Night (1980)
Directed By: Paul Lynch (The Keeper)

The Prologue
Who hasn’t heard of the film Prom Night? You know the original one, not that remake that got a PG-13 rating that everyone seems to crap on. This film from 1980 seems to give a small glimpse of a style you’d see in horror that wouldn’t really come full speed ahead until the 90’s and Scream but besides that it’s a film that shows it age really really bad in the year 2010. BUT! You do get Jamie Lee Curtis…and um…Leslie Nielsen?

The Movie
Years ago a childish game gone wrong left one little girl dead. Now in current day it’s prom night and people are ending up dead!! Who will make it?? And better yet who is doing it?? If there was a blue print for the “who did it” style of Scream it would for sure be Prom Night. However, that part of the story is really the only thing that stands out as the rest seems to really be lacking even for a film that came out in the 1980’s.

When you look at Prom Night you see a film that was for sure cashing in on the success of Halloween, as we even have Jamie Lee Curtis in the role of Kim. Her little sister is the girl who was killed at the start of the film that sets off the events later in the film. She always brings the good but it’s a little hit and miss with the rest of the cast here. I mean come on! We got Leslie Nielsen playing her father and the school principal. Leslie Nielsen in a serious role is just too odd for words.

I’m not sure if it’s the twist ending (which may have been good for its time) or what but this film seems to have a ton of love. And while I didn’t by any means at all hate it, I felt it was just kinda “there”. It takes way too long for things to get going and when it does start rolling the twist to me was just obvious and the kills were really weak. I know it was just 1980 but I believe there’s some bad angles and editing that hurt the gore and the kills we get in the movie.

Also I couldn’t help but notice the disco love this film seems to have. Including a very lengthy disco dance sequence to boot! It’s like the director didn’t know if they wanted to make a slasher or Saturday Night Fever. Now I wasn’t born until the grand year of 1983 but was disco even still alive back in 1980? I guess the film may have been made in 1979 and released in 1980 I’m not sure, but it just seems they cut it kinda close for disco even still being relevant. Not that it matters one way or another with the film, it’s just a little odd.

I think there’s a few clear plot holes in this movie. I think the ending is a little bit of a drag that could have been a bit better. I know it’s got a nostalgic thing going for it’s self with some folks and I know it may set up the whole prom feel better than most movies. That being said, when it comes to being a slasher, I still find it a little too weak for my taste..But I’m picky.

The Conclusion has it’s moments from time to time but I think things are just too far on the light side to really get my interest. It’s kinda cool trying to figure out who did it, but sadly I’m awesome and I guessed it pretty quick. Probably still worth a rent and just being able to say you’ve seen it. Also notice in a sure sign of it’s time Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing a much hotter and better looking dress on the cover than she actually wears in the movie. Even her hair is different.

The Rating (5.5/10)