Puppet Master II (1991)

Well, this was an odd one..

Puppet Master II (1991)
Directed By: Dave Allen

The Prologue
If you make a movie that people seem to enjoy in horror, then you have got to have a sequel. That sequel came in 1991 with, Puppet Master II from Full Moon Entertainment. Now keep in mind the early 90’s was a real septic tank in horror. And Puppet Master would not avoid this curse of the early 90’s, not avoid it at all. But you still get more of the puppets this time, and you even get the add on of Torch, the fire shooting puppet that would oddly come and go in the franchise without real rhyme or reason. Of course, after having seen this, now I do wonder just how Leech was ever able to make a return later on down the road..Ah, my head hurts.

The Movie
Tunneler. Ms. Leech. Pinhead. Blade. Jester. The nasty little puppets are back to take care of unfinished business. Joined by Torch, the newest member of the sinister troupe, they exhume their beloved creator Toulon to gather the brain matter that keeps them alive. But the Puppet Master has a deadly plan of his own…So at this point the Puppets are still doing their whole “tweener” thing, which I suppose is OK since the characters aren’t that great and we don’t mind seeing them die anyway.

So after our weird ending from our last film, we learn that the two people left alive from last time seem to be dead or in a mental hospital. You might think this would leave the door open for some better overall characters but I’m sad to report that’s not the case. Our group of characters here are all very one dimensional and cardboard-like. They have nothing that makes them standout at all, and we are really happy to see them die simply because the puppets (bi-polar killers that they are) are far more interesting than this group of morons we have here. And since the highlight is them being killed, I’m happy to report the gore is up a bit more from the last film.

I must admit that this film packs some plot elements that just make you scratch your head and ask what was these guys thinking?? Keep in mind that for a good majority of this film we have a mummy wrapped, Toulon. He looks like Darkman for crying out loud and not only has he been resurrected, but he’s walking around looking like he’s been resurrected and the characters in the film run across him and don’t seem to notice the weird man has his face all wrapped up and seems pretty damn evil overall. It’s stuff like that this makes it hard to take this thing seriously, and it’s already pretty hard when you have a film about animated puppets.

The ending comes and goes and it’s not that memorable besides the creepy overall look of the two “human puppets” we see in the movie. There are more kills and more puppets than in the original but something or another just seems lacking this time around and it never really gets cooking on all cylinders. This is a film that could have really helped it’s self out to have had a smarter script and more likeable characters. In the end it’s a major step back from the original and might tie part 6 as the low point in the franchise history.

The Conclusion
Want to complete your Puppet Master collection? Then go HERE to Echo Bridge, but perhaps grab the triple pack if you haven’t already gotten 1 or 3. You can get this one as a standalone, but it’s hard to justify getting it by it’s self because it’s not very good at all I’m afraid. If anything you might just want to see it for the car crash factor it brings.

The Rating (4.5/10)