Rock People: And How I Wasn't Cool Enought To Have Them.

Anyone at all remember the Rock People toys from the very popular Masters of the Universe toy-line?? This gem from the 80’s was very much sought after by me and I remember them so well today due to the fact I never actually had them…And it still bums me out and pisses me off today!

Now I had the damn skunk, I had Whiplash, I had Mose Man who was nothing more than Beast Man with green fuzz on him, hell I even had She-Ra! But I never ever had these Rock People!

So what was so special about these Rock People you ask? Well have you not looked at the pics here?? They were ROCK PEOPLE!! See Rock People, Rokkon and Stonedar, were from another world and they were the homeies of He-man and of She-Ra! Now due to the fact the cartoon wasn’t around at the time, these Rock People were only able to be in the comics and the She-Ra cartoons, so if you had love for them like me, it was probably due to the commercials for them that made then look so awesome.

You see these two toys were made much differently than the other toys in the line. They were harder to break and with them having the power to be formed into rocks, they were harder all together. As a matter of fact, having held one that belonged to someone else in Kindergarten I can confirm that they doubled very well as a weapon to toss across a room and bean somebody with..Ah..glory days!!

See guys, back in the late 80’s we didn’t have online shopping (Yeah, imagine that kids!!). So I couldn’t simply look on Amazon and find these bastards and order them, so I never did get them to call my own. So if you have these or had these, I hope you feel really lucky because some of us weren’t so lucky!…But I did have She-Ra, that’s cool right!?