Scanners (1981)

Have you ever wished you could make someone’s head explode??

Scanners (1981)
Directed By: David Cronenberg (Videodrome)

The Prologue
I think it’s save to say that David Cronenberg is probably insane, but insane in a good way. I’ve always been a fan of Videodrome but this would be my first time of seeing Scanners, a film that came out before Videodrome. Of course I had seen the head exploding scene, I think everyone and their mom has. But how is everything else built around that cool scene? Well, it’s a little bit hit and miss I think.

The Movie
Darryl Revok may be the strongest Scanner there is. Scanners of course being people with extremely strong psychic powers. Darryl is hunting other scanners and if they don’t join him he kills them. Of course this leads to a scanner by the name of Cameron being sent after him by Dr. Paul Ruth, a man who is an expert with the scanners subject. The story that follows is full of great effects, interesting twist and turns, and some of the worse acting I have ever seen in a popular major motion picture!

In typical Cronenberg fashion, the film is visually eye catching and packed with some cool effects and weird moments. However one of the main things that hold it back is the awful acting from the films main man, Cameron Vale, who is played by Stephen Lack. There are other hits and misses in the movie when it comes to performances but good lord is Lack just terrible! He’s terrible and he’s the lead? You’re playing a scanner dude, not a robot!!

Also it’s pretty funny seeing each scanner do their “scanning” of one another. Basically it’s a showdown of who looks the most constipated! Or at least going by the face straining and jerking around it looks like that’s what’s going on..That or perhaps some sorta painful orgasm. None the less while I’m sure it’s not meant for a laugh, that’s what you get from seeing it.

But how about the good? Well, it’s an interesting story with some nice unexpected twists and suspenseful moments. And it’s just weird enough not to get boring. Also if that head blowing up around 13 minutes into the film doesn’t convince you to hang around for the rest nothing else will I’m afraid. It’s a classic scene and it really sets the tone for the rest of the film. Not that heads are blowing up all over the place or anything, but when you do get gore it’s very very nice.

The film of course packs a very dramatic climax that is very awesome to watch and filled with some great gore and effects. It also leads you to a bit of a head scratcher in terms of just what the hell happens at the end of the movie. “We won!” but just who the hell has won?? Or are you “one”? I myself am not sure, I have my ideas on it but I can’t really tell you that now can I? Remember, we don’t spoil movies in the reviews around here!!

The Conclusion
I did like it, I don’t think it’s as good as Videodrome or The Fly for that matter but it’s worth checking out. If nothing else you’ll love the effects the movie has and you’ll probably be hitting back to watch a few of them over again right after you see them. But yeah, what was up with the awful performance of the lead actor??

The Rating (6.5/10)