Schramm (1994)

This movie makes you feel very dirty.

Schramm (1994)
Directed By: Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik)

The Prologue
Schramm, is a 1994 film by the same director that gave us Nekromantik and it’s sequel. That alone should probably tell you ahead of time what you will be getting yourself into when you sit down to watch this slow moving, yet hard to watch at times film. A film that takes us deep inside the mind of a murderer during his life few moments in this world. Now that makes this film sound rather deep, and perhaps it kinda is. I like to think Jörg Buttgereit always has a deeper meaning in his work than just what we see on the screen. But it’s hard to look through the horrific stuff we see on the screen to see what his true point is.

The Movie
Lothar Schramm is a simple man with complex problems, yet he seems like such a nice guy. He works as a taxi driver and lives by himself where he is happy to answer his door to strangers and kill them outright. As with many shy loner types he has a problem dealing with woman so he drugs them and photographs their nude bodies for sexual stimulation. He then murders his helpless victims and so goes the life of a deranged serial killer. After taking a bad fall, Lothar is unable to move and is on the floor dieing. The movie is then a glimpse into the last things that go on in his mind.

This movie doesn’t look pretty at all. It’s got a major dirty feel to it and it’s one of those movies that makes you feel as if you are doing something wrong by watching it. That’s a look and a feeling that every Jörg Buttgereit film I’ve seen has also had. While not as good as the original Nekromantik, this film does hold some very good and nasty looking gore. Now it also has some bad looking effects as well, but overall I’d say the positives are far greater than the negatives in that sense. The story may be hard for the average movie-goer to follow, but if you are use to weird stuff I don’t think you’ll have too much of a problem keeping up with it.

Now let’s just get the film’s claim to fame out of the way now. During one scene we see our sick lead nail his uncircumcised penis to a table…I’ll give you a moment here to let that sink in…OK, so while that’s very VERY hard to watch, I’ve been told that the penis in question was actually real. Making matters even worse, a man who does that sorta stuff was who came in to do it. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like seeing private parts nailed to a table, especially real ones. And as a matter of fact, no offense if you like that sorta stuff, but this movie has way too much penis in it for my liking. There’s seems to be a lot of shock, but very little point at times. And where Nekromantik was also sick in nature, it at least had a better story.

And on the subject of this story, this one moves a little too slow for my taste. We have more questions than answers once everything is said and done, and for once that’s not good. You have to be careful when doing something like that in a film, and in the right places it can work. It just doesn’t work here. It’s a somewhat creative idea, I’ll give it that. But I think the follow through just gets lost in all the other stuff and we are left with a film that has a few shocking moments but not much else to offer. I don’t see any reason to go out of your way to see it.

The Conclusion
With the company that carried Jörg Buttgereit’s films going out of business, this title is another one that will run you into a lot of money if you want to try to seek it out and own it. I don’t think if I was you I’d pay the price most want for this. It’s probably only worth seeing if you want to see someone nail a penis to a table, or you just so happen to be a completest.

The Rating (5.5/10)