Scream 4 Teaser Poster..

I sooo stole this from know it’s nothing too special but it’s not shabby either. Still..if they kill of Sidney in the opening act I might be forced to rant and rave and bitch for eternity. 

Might as well toss you guys some of the interview as well. It should be noted that Wes Craven himself said he’s directing 4, and will also direct 5 and 6 should it come to that. Here’s more from Wes..

Craven explains how the characters of Sidney (Neve Campbell), Gale (Courtney Cox), and Dewey (David Arquette) are still very much part of the movie, but also that they will be joined by 3 new kids.

When asked about the current state of horror and how it fits into the story of Scream Part 4 Craven replies:

‘There have been 10 years of no Ghostface, but there has been the movie-within-a-movie Stab. We have fun with the idea of endless sequels, or “sequelitis” as Kevin calls it in the script. Sid goes through these three horrendous things, and Stab was based on those horrible things. And then they’ve been taken by a studio and run into the ground in a series of sequels. She has been off by herself and living her own life, and she’s even written a book that has gotten a lot of critical acclaim. She’s kind of put her life back together in the course of these 10 years. But, certainly, there would be no Scream without Ghostface, so she has to confront him again, but now as a woman who has really come out the darkness of her past.

It feels like the end of an era of a certain type of film. There are series of films, a lot of sequels, and a lot of remakes, and part of the humor of Scream 4 is when characters comment on that. “Enough of Saw 25 and all!” A lot of films, directors, and studios are the butts of some of the jokes. In order to figure out what’s happening around them, the characters have to figure out where the genre of horror is.’