Sculpture (2009)

The girl has got some issues…

Sculpture (2009)
Directed By: Pete Jacelone

The Prologue
One look on the page for, Sculpture, over at IMDB shows a lot of hate for the film. I just want to point out that love it or hate it, this film is a lot better than the 2.9 rating it currently has as it’s average. But then again, I would hope my readers are smart enough not to be paying any attention  to anything that the trolls over at IMDB are saying. The film has Raine Brown as the lead, and I think she has done a great job in any film I have seen her in. It also has Misty Mundae, who anyone who has ever tried to watch one of the fuzzy channels late at night should be familiar with as well. See? That alone is better than a 2.9!

The Movie
Sculpture is a psychological horror gore-fest that tells the story of Ashley Steele, an aspiring artist who returns home after the death of her father only to find the haunting memories of her repressed childhood await her. She is commissioned to create a life-size sculpture of the perfect man, and uses body builders from her brother’s gym as models, but soon finds herself spiraling down a path of unspeakable psychopathic terror and murder as she frantically tries to complete her masterpiece.

In the first few minutes of this movie you may be able to kinda tell where it is heading, but that doesn’t mean that it takes the fun out of getting there. While I will admit that the film does have some major plot holes that you could probably drive an ice cream truck through, there’s a ton of gore. So if you love that sorta thing (and we all know that I do), you get that in buckets here. PLUS, there seems to be very very limited CGI which always makes me a happy camper. And that aspect of this movie made me soo happy I could kinda look passed the plot holes..kinda. But perhaps if you just don’t use logic it makes things all the more enjoyable?

Raine Brown won the Best Actress award for her role as Ashley Steele in Sculpture at the Dark Carnival Horror Film Festival back in 2009, and I can kinda see why. While at first the performance seems to be very acceptable, by the time the film is reaching it’s end she seems to have turned it up to another level and is knocking her performance out of the park. While the gore is great and all, Raine’s performance is probably the biggest bright spot in the whole movie. If you don’t enjoy another things from this, I at least think you will dig her.

The film kinda ends on the note you assumed it would end on. But I think it’s fairly enjoyable for the most part. It’s more of the type of film you’d see in the old days that just bypasses a lot of logic and goes straight for the blood, guts, and all that type of stuff. And there are a lot of people out there who will like this movie for doing just that. If nothing else, you get a great performance, some very VERY creepy plot twists and turns, and a lot of blood. So while you may not want to take a chance on it due to what IMDB is saying, I think this movie would well be worth at least a rent. 

The Conclusion
I seem to have enjoyed this film more so than I assumed I would. I think most of you would feel the same. You can check out Sculpture by CLICKING THIS LITTLE LINK HERE and going over to the fine folks at Alternative Cinema and picking it up. I think a lot of you will be happy that you did.

The Rating (6.5/10)