Séance (2006)

We are a looong way from Highlander…

Séance (2006)
Directed By: Mark L. Smith

The Prologue
Leave it to a group of pretty college kids to have a half assed Séance and bring back an evil spirit! Leave it to me to watch and review such a terrible film for your amusement! Had I rented this at a video store I might be tempted to pull the old school “This doesn’t work” trick in hopes I could have gotten my money back. But sadly all I lost in this viewing of this movie was minutes of my life I shall never get back…ever.

But at least we got Adrian Paul right? Good to see that bastard getting work.

The Movie
So five dumb and annoying college kids hold a Séance in their dorm room while the rest of the place is home for vacation in an attempt to bring forth the ghost of a little girl that haunts the dorms..Sadly however they bring back her killer instead!..Doh!

What do you really get with this film? You get a lot of half assing is what you get. The only two people in the whole film that act like they care about what they are doing is A.J. Lamas (yes son of THAT Lamas) who plays the at times funny, at other times highly annoying Diego and Jack Hunter who plays the dorms lone security for the week. Everyone else sleeps through their roles from the lead Kandis Erickson as Lauren to the second rate Highlander himself, Adrian Paul. Who by the way, is playing our killer!..Yippee!!

Lauren and her friends are not very likable. Sure they are hot and keeping with the trend with every movie that comes out these days they look like models but they bring nothing but annoyance to the roles they are playing. I’m sorry, but being hot does not make me cheer you on, it makes me want to see you killed!..And perhaps naked, but that IT!..Which we are low on when it comes to both for those into body counts and nudity. You can count how many people die in this movie on one hand, which sucks. And if you want someone naked, you get a man’s ass…Eww!

Also in this film we are joined by Joel Geist in the role of Grant. Grant is the troubled kid who is on every anti-depressant in the book, and yet somehow to spite being an ass catches the eye of Lauren..killing any real logic to the film right there. Also, Grant has the movie star good looks so naturally you can tell he would never in a million years be the person who is playing him here. Simply put, this movie has lameness all around.

Cara Furia, our little girl ghost isn’t too bad but what more does she do in this whole movie besides point and lean her head side ways in a creepy manner? Maybe she was bored as she was there..God knows I was bored from watching it. I can sit here and say the only good thing about this movie is Diego and that’s not saying much as he’s not even worth rooting for, just some minor comic relief at times.

The Conclusion
Not much of an effort put into this one and as a result you don’t get much out of it. I think you’ll be just fine to skip this snoozer. You may get a half way entertaining moment here or there but those are far too few and far in between to justify a recommendation. Look for this one at your local Walmart in the 5 dollar section next to such gems as 5ive Girls.

The Rating (4/10)