Sella Turcica (2010)

The last 20 minutes are pretty epic!..The rest?…Not soo much.

Sella Turcica (2010)
Directed By: Fred Vogel (August Underground)

The Prologue

It’s safe to say Toe Tag has a bit of a rep when it comes to films. Anyone who has seen, August Underground, or a more recent film from them like, Maskhead, knows they get pretty hardcore with their movies. And they have some of the best natural effects you can see in film today. So that brings us to their new film, Sella Turcica, a film starring none other than, Camille Keaton, from I Spite On Your Grave fame. And while it does pack the punch that you’ve come to look for with Toe Tag and Fred Vogel, it seems to go for a little less gore and shock and more story telling and character development. So, does it really work?

The Movie
Sgt. Bradley Robak has finally came back from active duty after a a weird accident leaves him paralyzed and stuck in a wheelchair, and looking soo totally like a dead guy for the record. His whole family is waiting for his return (And what an odd group of folks they are). His Mother, his brother, his sister, and even her DJ boyfriend that nobody seems to like. The details of just what went down with, Brad, are unclear to say the least. However, as we progress, we learn there is a major problem going on with, Brad. And I’ll admit, the results get pretty shocking from a graphic point of view.

One thing I did like about this movie was the fact it keeps you kinda guessing as to what is really wrong with, Bradley. I think it sets it up really well that all isn’t going to go well once all is said and done, however I gotta be honest, the man looks like a dead guy when they wheel him in. Sooo, why didn’t anyone pick up on this right away? I mean, sure, if your brother/son was in a bad accident and brought home you’d be really happy to see him and you’d kinda look over whatever damage the accident has done to the guy, but if he’s all pale, with veins poking out his eye lids and constantly having fits where he grabs his head and looks to obviously be in pain, I’d know something was soo not right. That’s really a flaw of this film, which I don’t hate the film by any means, it’s just a little overly flawed.

Adding to the logic complaints I have for this film, why doesn’t anyone call the cops or 911 when the situation calls for it? When things go bad in this film, people call friends, family, family doctors, but why is 911 never called? I don’t believe I missed that at all, it’s just that nobody bothers. Maybe I’m a wussy, I dunno, but when my brother that looks like a zombie starts ooozing black stuff from every hole in his body, I’d call 911..And then I’d leave. Also, while I am pointing out things I feel were flaws, I think the movie runs a bit long. I’d have loved to cut back on some of the character development since the characters aren’t really that deep, and just went more into things quicker. We know he’s not right, we know the family has issues dealing with it, but get to the killing already, please!

And I hate to say this, I’m a big fan of Camille Keaton, I dig her stuff. But you know, I really got the vibe she was phoning some of these scenes in. I think all the actors were kinda hit and miss as the movie went along. They’d have a strong scene, then a weak one, and it would rotate. I thought, Damien A. Maruscak, however, did a great job as, Bradly. He looked the part, and you could really get the vibe that the man was really in pain. So I’ll give that man all the credit in the world for what he did with this. Since it’s more character driven, I wish more had brought it like he did.

But now let me get to the saving grace of this film. In the same vein of such films as Audition, this movie goes ape-shit with the gore during the final 15/20 minutes. Sure you have to sit for a long time to get to it, but once it starts it gets really hardcore and I LOVED it. I just really wish I hadn’t had to wait as long to get to it. But I’ll admit this, when the blood starts flying, it’s nothing short of EPIC, and the stuff from Toe Tag I’ve grown to really love. And for that alone, I’d say check this film out. But, you may not enjoy what leads up to that very much.

The Conclusion
At least see the last part of this movie. I know that sounds weird since it’s not enough to really save the whole film, but it’s by far some of the best gore I’ve seen in a very long time. And what makes it even better, NO CGI! As a whole, the film has an interesting story, but it drags a little too much for my taste. It is good however to see Camille Keaton, and to see the gore this film has.

The Rating (4.5/10)