Seven Days (2010)

I think most people would want to do the very same thing.

Seven Days (2010)
Directed By: Daniel Grou

The Prologue
The world is a crazy place. And at times it can be just a cruel. The film we are talking about today, Seven Days, is a film that hammers home that point and it hammers you over the head with that point. Now it’s in French and you have to read subtitles, but if you can live with that you will find a movie that everyone should see at least once. It doesn’t do what it does for shock value, it does what it does to make a point. A point I think is a sad but true one at that. It may not be the most well paced movie ever made, but it’s by far a very powerful one if nothing else.

The Movie
Bruno Hamel is a surgeon. He lives a pretty normal life with his wife, Sylvie and his eight year old daughter Jasmine. However, one day their normal lives are turned upside down when Jasmine never makes it to school and is missing. The situation gets far far worse when she is found raped, beaten, and dead. Bruno and his wife are devastated and to spite the fact that police find the man who did it, it’s just not good enough for Bruno. As a result he comes up with a plan to kidnap and torture this horrible man for a full seven days resulting in finally him killing the man on the seventh day and turning himself in. The seventh day also happens to fall on the same day that would have been his kid’s ninth birthday.

Seven Days is a very powerful story that at times can be a hard watch due to the realism of it all. The entire film has no music and no bells and whistles, it’s strictly great cinematography and raw emotion. It also shows a man doing just what you’d want to do if something like this (Heaven forbid) every happened to your kid. It’s by no means a pleasant film to watch, not in any sense of the word. But it is a damn good film that everyone should watch at least once. You may have trouble sitting through some of images and torture you see on the TV screen, but I feel that may all, in some twisted way, be the way the film makes it’s point.

As we see Bruno take his revenge on the evil bastard that torn apart his world and took his child away from him, you may even start to wounder if he’s taking things too far. Perhaps Bruno to an on looker does go a bit far at times, but one needs to think and ask themselves a very important question, if you were him, wouldn’t you do the same? Or wouldn’t you at least want to? It’s in that part of the films demeanor that makes things the most uncomfortable to watch. You know deep down that Bruno is going well above and beyond the call of duty to make this bastard pay at times, but yet, you have to ask if that would even be enough to you? And the fact that it seems to never be enough to Bruno on screen brings home another important point and meaning to the film.

Now of course this powerful film isn’t without error. The main error the film makes is a little off track side plot that comes into play near the ending of the film that involves the mother to another little girl that has been affected by this mad man. I know why it’s there, and I kinda understand what they were going for, but it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t add much, if anything, to the plot. It also drags things down for a time in a film that already doesn’t get into any hurry. Had that been taken out and left on the cutting room floor it would have speed things up a bit and made things even better than they already are.

But that not withstanding, I really liked this film. Well, maybe “like” isn’t a good word to use, because it’s hard to say you “like” anything that deals with the subject matter this film does. I guess what I am trying to say is that I at least “get” it and I understand it. I think the ending, while maybe falling a little flat to some who watch it, is a perfect way to end a film. The point is made, and I for one felt rather content with it considering it plays well into the point of the whole film. As things in the film end as subtle as they began, you should understand the meaning of what you just saw, and the hard to accept fact that the film makes should leave you well satisfied with what you just witnessed.

The Conclusion
It’s not pretty, it doesn’t hold back any punches, and it’s a very tough situation to watch. But with all that being the case I find that Seven Days is one of the better films to have came out last year and is one you all should give a watch, but be prepared because it’s not a nice film by any means. It is very interesting and shot really well and I think any horror fan will have a time with it, even with it not being a horror film.

The Rating (8/10)