Sex, Demons and Death (1975)

If we’ve learned anything, beware of any woman who tries to sleep with you.

Sex, Demons and Death (1975)
Directed By: Salvatore Bugnatelli

The Prologue
Well lets all go to Italy for a very weird and creepy film called, Sex, Demons and Death. This film comes to us from One 7 Films, and I’ve gotten some very interesting films from them thanks to the fine folks over at CAV Distribution. I had never heard of this movie before now, but maybe that’s because its never been on DVD before now?? Whatever the reason for that, I can see why they’d finally make sure that got done, because it is a rather strange and interesting film. So kickback, relax, and let’s dive into a film by, Salvatore Bugnatelli.

The Movie
After having been abandoned by her family in a college, Letizia is brought home by her uncle and aunt. Since the couple is unable to have children, they think that Letizia will somehow help them to overcome their frustrated parental grief. But they are gravely mistaken since the fiendish girl has her own agenda. What follows is very odd and loaded with tons of nudity.

This movie at least looks really cool if nothing else. It looks nice and the scratches and film marks only seem to add to the overall vibe of the film. The score of the film is also pretty creepy as well, which only adds to the overall weird vibe the film gives off. I’ve seen many Italian horror films and while this one doesn’t match up with some of those heavyweights too well, it’s by far not the worst one I’ve seen. I think anyone who appreciates films from the 70’s can appreciate this.

Now our leading evil lady is the hands down star of this show. She looks great and does a really weird thing with her eyes that is very creepy. Plus, you get to see her naked a bit (as well as other women in the film) so if you want to see naked chicks but not see a porno this one is right down your ally. There’s also some suspense as we why try figure out just what the hell is going on in this movie as some weird cinematography and scenes pop up on screen before us. Overall, it’s a slower pace, but trying to figure out what’s coming makes it enjoyable for the most part.

As noted, it’s a little slow. But it does look pretty cool in a very “grindhouse” fashion. I do think maybe it could have had a little more steak for the sizzle and maybe even a bit faster of a pace. That being said, I did enjoy it overall. I like weird stuff and it’s just weird enough to have gotten my attention and held it. Plus, some of it is waay funny in a soo not meant to be way, but that’s not a bad thing with old movies. I think some of you may even like it more than me, so I can’t hate on this very much at all.

The Conclusion
This is the very first time this film has made it’s way to DVD and you can get it from CAV by way of One 7 movies. I think a lot of you who are fans of Italian films will be right at home with this and even if you are not, there’s some nudity so if you just like that you might get some kicks here as well.

The Rating (6/10)