Slight Correction From Earlier

After going well into a rant earlier today regarding Anchor Bay and their ability to toss out multiple editions of many DVD titles I have learned that they aren’t to blame for every “Army of Darkness” DVD that is out there, not to say they haven’t did their fair share of Double Dips anyway. But it goes as this, Universal not Anchor Bay put out a great deal of those including the original DVD release and the new “Screwhead” version that is out there. Anchor Bay on the other hand has put out “The Director’s Cut”, as well as “The Boomstick” & “The Director’s Cut: Bootleg” versions. Another note I find odd is while the first Director’s Cut was titled “Army of Darkness” the other releases from Anchor Bay are alternately titled “Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness”. Not sure if there’s some type of legal issues around that but I find it interesting none the less.