Snuff 102 (2007)

Can I have my hour and forty minutes back??

Snuff 102 (2007)
Directed By: Mariano Peralta

The Prologue
I do it to myself sometimes, I really really do. I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to watching movies. I’ve always been fascinated by movies that are hard to watch. Just by clicking the “Hell in a Handbasket” logo on the side of my site you can see a whole list of hard to watch movies that make you feel pretty dirty as you watch them. I’ve seen some stomach churning stuff, but I hadn’t seen, Snuff 102, yet. And what is Snuff 102? Well it’s a little tricky to put it into words. But it’s bad enough that when it was shown at a film festival some people got pissed because they thought a lot of what they saw was real. While the line between real and fake gets blurred in the film, overall I found it to be a giant waste of my time.

The Movie
The plot for this one goes like this. “A young reporter begins to unravel the secrets of an underground myth… snuff films. Soon she falls in a gruesome spiral of shocking images, not suited for the faint hearted. Investigation on snuff films and onto the true meaning of violence.”. In other words, she falls into a movie that uses pretty much every trick that other films such as August Underground and The Guinea Pig movies had already used. They add in a lot of snot and drool. Oh, and they actually insert real images of gore and a pig being killed just to try to make a point. If you can’t already tell by now, I pretty much hated it.

If you want to see a prime example of a film trying way too hard to be controversial, then look right here at, Snuff 102. While people not use to such movies might find themselves hovering around a place to barf or hugging up a pillow all the while crying for their Mommy, anyone who has seen the words worst (morally worst) films like I have will find themselves bored. Wrapped around a movie that’s torture filled plot mostly hits it’s gruesome peek as a pregnant woman is put through hell, is a slow moving mess of a plot that could put you to sleep before you even reach the predictable climax. A climax that included a cat and mouse game that takes around twenty minutes in it’s own right.

So to set things straight for any “would be watchers” out there, here’s a little break down. We got around an hour or more of boring plot to go through before anything that isn’t happening to an animal or just a graphic pictures starts to happen. We end it with a twenty minute chase scene. That leaves very little time for the film’s meat and potatoes. And while I can admit some of the effects look pretty good, the film’s ever so appropriate times for cutting away and clever little camera angles never made me think once that what I was seeing was real. After all, in a legit snuff film I don’t think we’d have much in the way of camera work, much less a woman hiding in a bathroom with a camera person in there with her switching angles as the bad dude beats down the door…Common sense folks! It’s good to use it, even if the people making the film doesn’t.

So they’re are twists and turns, all of which you see coming a mile away. We have a slasher type ending, and I felt more upset that it took around an hour and forty minutes for all this crap to wrap up more so than I was for anything I saw on screen. If you heard a lot of hype for this, don’t buy into much of it. I will admit that if you haven’t seen some of the worlds most disturbing films before seeing this, it might be extreme to watch. But if you have sit through all the rest, then this is at times like Sunday school. Unless you just want to say you saw it, I’d probably say spare some of your valuable time on Earth and skip it.

The Conclusion
When the most disturbing thing I found in a movie with a rep like this one has is the amount of drool coming from someone, you have a problem. And I bet whoever made this movie might have more than a few problems. I had a problem myself after seeing this. That problem being I could have spent the time I wasted on this playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on my old school PS2..Ah well, don’t make the same mistake, gang.

The Rating (4/10)