So Much For A Hero: Rachel Carruthers (Halloween 4 & 5)

Meet Rachel Carruthers. Rachel is best known as the foster sister to little 9 year old Jamie in the movies Halloween 4 and Halloween 5. Rachel is even one of the few and lucky who have survived Michael Myers‘ wrath however Rachel forgot one of the main rules of surviving in a horror franchise..don’t show up in the sequel.

We are introduced to Rachel in Halloween 4 and it doesn’t take long to see that she is made up of everything a final girl should be. She doesn’t seem to be much a party girl and she has morals! She even takes it upon herself to tend to her foster sister Jamie on Halloween night with only minor resistance.

When the shit finally hits the fan Rachel shows all sorts of resilience. She helps her foster sister escape the clutches of Michael Myers numerous times and even goes as far as to climb a roof with Jamie on her back and even fall off only to survive the fall! And when all is said and done Rachel is left standing. She even shows signs of being a true bad ass and she runs down Michael in a truck which lends a very big helping hand in the brief defeat of Michael in Halloween 4.

But it’s in Halloween 5 when she seemingly forget all her survival skills she had in part 4. Rachel is seen mostly getting in and out of the shower, dancing around in towels and her granny panties before seemingly becoming an easy target for Mr.Myers and his sharp scissors..Oh Rachel we loved you so and we expected soo much better for you…

So much for that huh? :'(