So THIS Is The Best Horror Movie EVER Made?

Literally just five minutes ago before I started writing this I had finished watching a program on ABC titled ABC News & People Magazine’s Best in Film that listed several list (as votes by the masses) of THE greatest films in every category, greatest characters, ect. In what shocks me but isn’t much of a shock if I really think about it, the horror genre wasn’t deemed worthy enough for the prime time and instead of telling us on air what was voted THE greatest horror films of all the time on the program I had to go to the ABC web-site. Where you can see this and also several more categories that didn’t make the cut for the show. And just what was voted on as the best horror film ever made???


Well there are a whole heck of a lotta good horror films but probably just a handful however that would be picked by the masses. So from what probably could logically end up as number one, I don’t have much of an issue with this. Now we’ve been down the road with this film on this site before. I’ve said time and time again that this film was a film that legit freaks me the hell out. I actually saw the film once YEARS ago, but I’ve owned a copy of the film on DVD since the later part of 2006 that I’ve NEVER actually watched.

The movie was edgy for it’s time and it’s got some rather twisted stuff by most people’s standards for today. So what do you guys think? Worthy as being listed the best ever?