Stiff Jobs (2009)

The film that answers the long time question of just which race is the best at oral sex!

Stiff Jobs (2009)
Directed By: Kevin Strange (CockHammer)

The Prologue
And as I review Stiff Jobs today I have come to end of my look through the Hack Movies catalog! And it has been a pretty crazy trip to say the least. Today’s movie isn’t as much a horror film as it’s a Tarintino like crime movie, which I’m down with because I’ll be damn if I don’t love that stuff as well.

It also has two great characters from CockHammer Wolfram and Windgate as the main focus, so that can only be a good thing..right?

The Movie
As IMDB says “Stiff Jobs” is the story of two of the most ruthless hitmen in all of Strangeville, Wolfram and Windgate. What was to be a routine hit on a well-to-do gay pedophile with inclinations toward fat Cuban boys, turns into murder, mayhem and all the perverted sexual nonsense Hack Movies is known for when our heroes get themselves balls deep in supernatural jizm, and come face to face with the forces of darkness!

Basically what we have here folks is a little over an hour of a film that is basically the lead in for CockHammer!..But it’s not a bad thing as the movie seems like the bastard step son of Pulp Fiction in a lot of ways. It’s over the top, it’s perverted, it’s violent, but it’s also funny.

Wolfram and Windgate are two great characters, probably my favorite over everyone else in the world of Hack Movies, so the more of them the better in my book. David Wayne Black and Thaddeus Starbuckle (if that is their real names) have very good chemistry with one another as actors. It showed in CockHammer and it shows here as well. The two’s partnership resembles that of both Jules and Vincent in Pulp Fiction but of course it’s way more over the top in this movie.

There is a lot of crude humor here, there are some gross out moments, and sadly we have man wang in front of the camera for a shot but all in all it’s what we’ve come to look for from these guys so it’s still entertaining and the plot is pretty clever as well. And it looks like they picked up the slack in the gore department for this one as well! We get plenty of brains being blown out in this!..Always a plus!

I’d suggest watching it followed right by CockHammer for the full effect.

The Conclusion

Well all in all it’s a fun stay in Strangeville with Hack Movies and I look forward to seeing new stuff by them down the road. If you ever want a laugh with a horror twist to it just pop in this movie or one of their others but leave your serious horror critic face at the door!

The Rating (6/10)