Summer School (2006)

What we got here is a very good idea but will Summer School be able to deliver on the end result of putting that good idea on film?

Summer School (2006)
Directed By: Lance Hendrickson,Troy McCall,Mike P. Nelson,Steven Rhoden,Ben Trandem (yeah they all do different segments in the movie)

The Prologue
As luck has it when it comes to me I tend to either get my hands on something indie or something old, so you don’t get a ton of reviews for brand spanking new movies from me on this site. Now the plus side is, there’s a chance some of you may hear about a movie for the first time and check it out, and I’m willing to bet there’s not a whole lot of you that have heard of Summer School but oddly enough it has a plot most of you reading this review can probably relate to

According to IMDB Summer School came out in 2006 and has different segments (broken down into different horrific dreams from our star of the film) with each one being directed by a different director. One think I did dig about the whole deal was the cover art and inner notes which was all in the style of 70’s Grindhouse type films, Kudos to them for that..But now can the film live up to it? 

The Movie
Taken straight from IMDB’s plot details..Having spent the last three days watching crappy B grade horror films, to catch up on his website movie reviews, (Boy can’t I relate to that) Charles (Cool name there) attempts to attend his first day of Summer School. All he wants to do is get his Physics class out of the way before starting senior year. Attending Summer School as well, by court order no less, are two of Charles’ friends Dennis and Steve. Also his crush Lindsey appears to finally be noticing him. If his teacher, Mrs. Wickham, doesn’t drive him insane what lurks in the school just might.

First and foremost what we have here is a horror version of Four Rooms, a movie where four segments were directed by four different directors, two of which being Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez..Soo take that idea, direct it towards people who love horror films or review them on a site, and beef up the segments and directors and we get Summer School. Summer School is an indie film in every sense of the word with a load of influence from the old school days of horror. With each segment, we get a different dream from our main Character Charles, each one going a different way being based on different types of films in the horror genre. So we get things like one segment about a slasher, and a segment about Vampires and so on and so forth..great idea, but some work really well and some don’t. But thus is the possible results of having so many different guys directing parts of the movie.

I’m not 100% off the top of my head which directer directed what part of this movie but I can tell you the best two where the Nazi one, and the one with the rednecks. Those are really done well but sadly other not so great segments like the Vampire one can makes things come to a dull stop after things seem to finally be getting better. So you get a mixed bag, I just think I’d have arranged things tiny bit different for a more consistent flow

The acting here isn’t the best in the world, and nor should you expect it to be given when we got here. Some of the effects are really good for such a small indie, a couple times things may look a little faker than we’d like but at other times it can surprise you by how well they come across. Which each segment is a different theme they all share the same actors playing different versions of the same Characters. Each actor shines in some segments and come across really bad in others, so it’s a hit and miss. Sadly that includes the main man here Charles (Played by Simon Wallace) he’s Ok and tolerable at times, but at others I really couldn’t stand him.

But by no means is things here terrible over-all.

The Conclusion
Well it’s original enough to respect it and admire it for them making out so well with what they had to work with. But unfortunately it’s just good enough to find it’s self with a middle of the road score.

But you know what? Kudos to everyone involved here for just going out and making the film how they wanted to make it. Because while it’s not the highest rating in the world, it’s better than a lot of other indie films.

The Rating (6.5/10)