Swamp Thing (1982)

Part man, part..um..swamp?!!!

Swamp Thing (1982)
Directed By: Wes Craven (The Hills Have Eyes)

The Prologue
The film Swamp Thing is of course based off the DC comic book of the same name. It also was a rather early film in the career of horror legend Wes Craven. Word is Wes just took the job to prove he could work on bigger pictures with more action and bigger stars and all things considered he did a alright job with the film. Wes even finds a way to sneak in a few of his own elements and style into the PG-13 film. So while it’s not a true blood horror film you can still tell Wes made it.

The Movie
After a violent incident with a special chemical, a research scientist is turned into a swamp plant monster. The bad guys also piss off this scientist by killing his sister and whole team in the process! With the only other survivor, Alice Cable trying ever so hard to protect the notes of the scientist now turned swamp creature. The creature himself must save her and save the day from the sorry bastards who put this whole mess in motion!

Not that it’s THAT big of a deal but I should note my source here is the MGM version of the DVD they put out when they didn’t know they had used the none-U.S. cut and as a result this one had the full frontal scene of Cable bathing in the swamp and the “orgie” the bad guys have. None add or subtract from the story at all but it can raise some eyebrows when it’s suppose to be PG-13. Then again 80’s PG-13 never was really PG-13 was it? Of course after complaints MGM pulled the DVD and re-released the American cut minus and boobies.

Also in that same note I love the way Wes Craven adds in a little bit of gore and cool effects into this 80’s cheese show! And what do I mean that you may ask? Well let’s face it, if by nothing else the way Swamp Thing tosses bad guys around and rips tops off jeeps you could tell it’s an 80’s movie. There’s also a bit of a cold nature to some of the deaths and the way the bad guys simply drop the dead bodies in the swamp. Not hardcore by any means, or by today’s standards just a bit morbid. But when it IS a movie directed somewhat at kids it’s funny to see. Gotta hand it to Mr.Craven for that I’m sure.

You see guys, the film Swamp Thing is a film that sparks some childish fondness when watching. It’s campy, it’s hokey, and it’s corny, but it’s still some fun. You tend to want to look over the key plot holes (and this movie has a few) and the very anti-climatic way the film wraps up. While it may be a minor spoiler here I must bring up the fact I hope all of you noticed that at one point when Swamp Thing loses an arm he walks around outside in the sunlight for a while unable to grow it back. Then later when the moment calls for it he find a ray of light somewhere else and the arm magically grows back..Surely someone else noticed how that didn’t make a bit of sense??

At the end of the day Swamp Thing isn’t a very GOOD film but it’s a fun and nostalgic film that will have an audience, if for nothing more, people wanting to see how things use to be in the movies. While even the Swamp Thing suit looks a bit fake at times I think you’ll find you prefer it over the sure to be CGI suit we’ll get when re-make time comes around. I also want to point out I tried to decide if I thought the lady playing Cable was attractive or not (Adrienne Barbeau). Not that it matters at all to the story, but she has a nice body but looks a little too much like John Paxton to me…I hope that’s not just me.

The Conclusion
Not the best movie ever made but can be fun and good for a laugh or if you feel like checking out some old school stuff. Not sure what Wes thinks of it now days but it’s a film I’d be proud of..then again, I’m a little weird. Oh and during the last few shots of the film, see if you can’t notice the cars driving by through the trees off in the distance of a scene.

The Rating (6/10)