Thank God For The Zombie Survival Guide!

“The dead walk among us. Zombies, ghouls—no matter what their label—these somnambulists are the greatest threat to humanity, other than humanity itself.” —Introduction, page xiii

I’ll admit it, since I’ve gotten out of school outside of comic book I don’t do a whole lot of reading, but if something gets talked about enough I’ll break down and seek out a book, and while it may take me months to finish I’ll read it.

A book that fascinated me to the point of going out of my way to find a copy and read it was none other than Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide.

Coming from a former writer of Saturday Night Live and the son of none other than Mel Brooks, one would have to think this book would have to be pretty comedic right?..Not really..see Brooks goes about this whole book with a straight face as the damn thing from front to back is exactly what it says it is, a survival guide packed with just what to do in the face of a Zombie apocalypse!

“Of all the weapons discussed in this book, nothing is more important than your primary firearm. Keep it cleaned, keep it oiled, keep it loaded, keep it close. With a cool head, steady hand, and plenty of ammunition, one human is more than a match for an army ofzombies.” —Weapons and Combat Techniques: Firearms, page 41

The Zombie Survival Guide was released in 2003 and it packed with six separate chapters, a fictional list of attacks throughout history and an appendix. With the chapters being as follows..

The Undead: Myths and Realities
Weapons and Combat Techniques
On the Defense
On the Run
On the Attack
Living in an Undead World

Not only does it tell us what to do if we happen to find ourselves in the middle of a Zombie outbreak, it goes as far as to suggest zombies are not only real but have been covered up over history. He even gives us classes for such outbreaks with a class 3 being the worst!

“A true crisis. Class 3 outbreaks, more than any other, demonstrate the clear threat posed by the living dead. Zombies will number in the thousands, encompassing an area of several hundred miles.” —The Undead: Myths and Realities: Outbreaks: Class 3, page 25

I’ll admit at times the book kinda dragged to me a bit but it was a interesting read for the most part. I tend to like to show off my copy to my friends as it’s a pretty neat conversation piece. So while from a reading standpoint I prefer World War Z as I always tell my friends, when the Zombies come you’re going to be very happy I have this!

As a matter of fact I made a kit of things I’ll need to have in the middle of any sorta world or unworldly panic filled situation!