The Anniversary at Shallow Creek (2010)

You gotta watch those guys with sniper rifles.

The Anniversary at Shallow Creek (2010)
Directed By: Jon D. Wagner

The Prologue

From Breaking Glass Pictures we got, The Anniversary at Shallow Creek, or should we drop the “the” here and just call it, Anniversary at Shallow Creek? None the less, it’s another one of those movies that say they are based off actual events, and who knows it may very well be. One other interesting note here is that co-stars Eric Fischer and Brianna Lee Johnson also wrote this bad boy. I think they even got married after. It’s always good when writing stories of blood and gore brings out a good romantic connection. Be a heck of a story to tell the grand kids someday. But all congratulations, butterflies, and hearts aside, let’s get on with the review!

The Movie
All American med student Sam has planned an intimate getaway surprise for his girlfriend Paige, until Sam’s best friend, Paige’s brother Anthony, invites himself and their three other best friends along. The carefree group of twenty-something’s arrive at the remote, picturesque home of Sam’s uncle, unaware they have walked into a trap. They will spend the night in a fight for their lives, where everyone’s strength, stamina, and bonds will be tested. What would you do for love? Inspired by true events.

Now common sense of why someone would keep going back to a house where people get off’d on the one year anniversary of it aside, what you get here isn’t that bad. I kinda dig the idea of a man with sniper ability chasing some rather hot women and their dudes around. The reward is pretty gruesome when one of them finally catch one right in the noggin. Although, I’d have to admit, I wouldn’t be poking my head out from around anything after seeing my friends take one to the head a time or two. Little things like that can be somewhat annoying while watching, but it’s horror so what can you do?

While it kicks off pretty well at the start, there is some drag time between when our first couple dies and when our group of friends start getting taken out later. There’s character development but the characters aren’t the most likable bunch you’ll find on screen. That however is tolerable a bit if you like women because the women we get are at least very attractive. And hang me for it if you wish, but people care more when more attractive women are on screen. That is a big part of the reason they get picked to be in the film in major roles you know? So with that in mind, you do somewhat care when a girl gets her brains blown out of her pretty little head.

And if that last line didn’t already confirm it for you, the gore is pretty damn good here too. YES, there is some annoying CGI blood moments but you can look passed it a bit since it’s mixed with some natural effects. Now I do think things get a little sketchy towards the end but the film gets saved by it’s half way entertaining when our little cat and mouse game comes into play during the middle of the movie. Since it’s not that hard to guess how most of this one will be playing out while watching it. You can take comfort in knowing that you won’t hate it while watching it. I’d say it’s just good enough to justify watching it if you get the chance. 

The Conclusion

We should let this movie remind us all to run in zig zaggy lines and to never peek our heads over anything when someone is shooting at you.  Also keep in mind you can get this film from Breaking Glass Pictures if you wish to watch a few head shots from the comfort of your own home. It may not be the best thing you’ve ever seen, but it’s very watchable.

The Rating (6/10)