The Bleading Lady (2010)’s at least different.

The Bleading Lady (2010)
Directed By: Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs)

The Prologue
I had heard the name, Ryan Nicholson before. I am also hip to the fact that he was on the effects teams behind the August Underground films (and many more) we reviewed here last week. Gutterballs, was a film of his I had heard of time and time again so going into his recent film, The Bleading Lady (formally Star Vehicle), it’s safe to say I had some rather high expectations. So did the “Bleading Lady” give me a little fun? Yes it did. And did it give me some gore? You bet! But still at the end of the day am I wrong to say I felt like it just needed a little more? Kudos for the cool music however, I can dig that noise.

The Movie
Don is a driver. Better than that, Don is a film buff. So imagine his happiness when he just so happens to get the gig of driving his favorite horror scream queen to and from the set of her latest film. But all is not well, no not at all. Not only is the leading lady having to deal with a stalker, but Don himself just so happens to be a murderer and a psychopath! Will Don be able to hold himself together around the lady he has an eye for and her asshole director? Well, you probably already know the answer to that one don’t you? If he didn’t, we really have no movie now would we?

The Bleading Lady is a film that is best when watched in a group of people who are not looking to see anything too serious. At the core of this film it is a lot of fun, and it has enough fun at times to make up for all it’s short comings and flaws. I myself give this film a few extra points for the several pro wrestling references it has from time to time. So let that be a note for all you indie directors to take. Drop a line in your film as simple as, “OK, Randy Savage!” and watch me get all giddy and tip my trademark beanie in your film’s direction. It also doesn’t hurt to toss in some hot women who get naked at times either. I can’t help but toss that out there too.

The acting here, like most indie films, is a little mixed up. We got some good and we of course got some bad. I think the actor playing Don, Dan Eliis that is, does a WONDERFUL job. Truth be told he’s one of the films main two strong points. The other strong point is the wonderful gore! No CGI, no B.S., just the good old school stuff and it’s extreme! It always brings a smile to my usually pissed off looking face when I see a film that has respect for the classics and keeps with the natural stuff. So in a way, The Bleading Lady is a throwback! An old school style horror film that could have lived in the 80’s. Maybe more so towards the later part of the 80’s, but the 80’s none the less.

Of course the film does drag at times and lacks much of anything getting bloody during the first part of it. I think even the director knows this himself as it’s brought up and even sorta poked fun at during a small part of the film. Also the twists and turns, along with the climax of the film get a little too ridiculous, but what can ya do huh?  You get fun, you get boobs, and you get blood, so I guess one can look past the at times awkward acting and the missing logic and silliness the film gives you at other times. I admit I expected a lot more than this, but I wouldn’t call it a total loss. Actually, it’s far from it.

The Conclusion
Gotta give props to Breaking Glass Pictures for shooting this one in my direction and if you want to check it out then by all means click over there and check it out. They also have a lot of cool stuff besides this as you should already know. As far as The Bleading Lady goes, it’s fun and a little corny. But then again isn’t that what some of the more well known horror films are?

The Rating (5/10)