The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot (2010)

This was a looooong movie, and I’ve seen Titanic…

The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot (2010)
Directed By: James Baack

The Prologue
We all love a good indie film right? I mean there’s nothing like seeing someone actually get out and stop watching movies long enough to make their own. Today we have a indie film that you can tell is from someone who loves movies, they just don’t seem to like the edit button. That film comes to me today by way of Cheezy Flicks and it’s called The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot. So if you got um..a very very long time to kill, you can watch it for yourself or you can take a tiny part of that time and just read my review here for the film.

The Movie
On this very looooong journey, we watch as Vernon Knutson aka Pus-E the Clown, tells us the tale of his quest to take revenge out on the legendary Bigfoot, who he believes killed his wife years ago..he thinks. Along the way this story involves two ladies who escape from prison named, Loosey-Fur and Satantha, as well as others like Vernon’s “friend”, who says he’s an expert on the subjects. To be honest with you, it’s a complicated plot at times, maybe more complicated than it really should be. Still entertaining at points to, just like I keep saying..way waaay too long.

A movie like this is a movie I have trouble reviewing because it deserves both praise in some areas and a kick in the ass in others. There’s many things I could pin point that were done wrong but before I get into all of that I’d like to talk about some of the good things, because it does have some good things. The movie, for better or worse, did make me laugh at times for one. I don’t know if it was always meant to be a joke when I was laughing, but it was funny at times. Vernon Knutson and his side-kick at times are actually hilarious when they go back and forth with one another. When the actors even play other characters other than themselves in some scenes it’s pretty funny as well. So if nothing else, you’ll at lest laugh at this movie.

I also think the director, James Baack, did a great job for what he had. It’s a VERY indie film and you know what that means right? It means we have a man in a bad monkey suit walking around as Bigfoot, we have some very sketchy actors from time to time as it rolls on, and things look cheap because, well, they are? But for what it’s worth, they make it work at least half of the time, give or take. This project was obviously made by someone who loves film and I can respect that, trust me, I can..but still, it’s hard to watch at times as well. Now if you’ll pardon me I HAVE got to take a moment and bitch bitch bitch about the run-time…

Public enemy #1 with this film is going to without question be the length. The 164 minute “Director’s Cut” is just way waaay too long. And God forbid little ol’ me try to tell someone how to make their movie, but a lot of this NEEDED to be left on the cutting room floor. There’s times when characters are rambling back and forth for way too long with one another and while I admit a lot of it was funny, a lot more of it was rather pointless. It’s hard to get people to sit for a very long time to even watch theater released movies, with James Cameron and his stuff being the only exception that comes to mind, and why I don’t know. But stuff in the horror genre are best left much shorter, look to Grindhouse as a prime example of that. This film wasn’t two films, it was one. One film with a very complex plot, and a lot of rambling. Editing could have been it’s best friend.

Also I’m pretty sure some actors were not professionals and that’s all well and good. Kevin Smith’s cast wasn’t made up of pros either when he made Clerks, but there are times when I know the younger actors are smiling and trying to hide it back in what is meant to be tense horror filled moments. That’s funny, but if at all possible needed to be edited out or have the scene shot again. Maybe they couldn’t re-shoot those parts, I’m not sure, but it does take you out of the film when it happens. I won’t just pick on the kids, there are times the grown folks are trying not to laugh. Maybe those are left in for some unknown reason, who knows right? What I do know is, for me at least, the effect didn’t work and made me think I was watching something shot for fun instead of something shot to be taken seriously. Still, I didn’t hate it overall at the end of the day. And if you read my reviews, you know me saying that makes it a small win for the director.

The Conclusion
Waaay too long and needs to be cut down greatly an sharpened up here and there, but it’s for sure not the worst indie film I’ve ever seen. I like some of the camera work (not counting the start of it with the women being on the run) and I did laugh at times, but maybe it’s just not totally my cup of tea? If you’d however like to see if it’s yours, you can pick this up over at Cheezy Flicks right now!!

The Rating (4/10)