The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre (2009)

Best Creepersin film I’ve seen yet.

The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre (2009)
Directed By: Creep Creepersin (He)

The Prologue
Creep Creepersin is a director I’ve gotten to see a lot of as of late. Having already reviewed two of his films, today I find myself with, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre. Which is like, The Office from hell. And my days with this guy isn’t done yet, as I still have another film of his I’ll be reviewing soon as well. I guess my middle of the road views on his other two films aren’t leaving things too promising, but I actually kinda did dig, The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre. Showing that a director shouldn’t be judged based off past work, and thus leaving hope for all of mankind I assume.

The Movie
Brandi Babcock is a bitch. There really isn’t any other way to word it than that. She’s the head lady of a company and her employees have to walk a fine line or be fired. Which for the record, it doesn’t bother her one bit to pink slip someone. One fateful afternoon she decides she needs work done and done that day. She takes her group and informs them of this messing up all their plans and to make it worse, she says four of them will be fired when all is said and done. But the already bad day is about to get a whole lot worse people start getting killed off one by one. Who’s doing it? And why are they doing it? Well, the answer might just surprise you a little bit…

Elina Madison, who you may recall from such films as Someone’s Knocking at the Door, plays the worlds worst boss in this Creep Creepersin film. And she does just a fine job of it if I do say so myself. A character of this nature doesn’t really belong anywhere near a sympathetic level. And when all is said and done she doesn’t really reach that level at all. That’s a very good thing. And the way this character is played is a very good thing seeing as she’s the center of the film. It may seem risky having someone this unlikeable as the center of a film, but it oddly works. I’m impressed, no doubt about it.

This movie also stands out above others due to the fact it’s shot almost as if you’re watching The Office. Not only does all of this take place in an office but you get the whole shaky camera thing that you get when you watch The Office. So I guess one could say what you get with this movie is what you would get if Texas Chainsaw Massacre had a bastard child with The Office, but the baby came out looking more like The Office than it did The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If at all sounds appealing to you then you may want to scroll down below right now and just click the link to buy the damn thing. It’s for sure entertaining, even if some of the characters are just a little too bland.

The movie doesn’t run long enough to waste your time. It’s got a strong lead. Plus adding more on the good side of things you get a pretty creative “who done it” out of the whole thing. Sadly, if I was going to list negative (and I don’t kiss ass like some people so I will). I got to say this movie really needed some gore, which it doesn’t pack much of. Also it’s big twist at the end has been done before..a lot. But, I suppose we can give credit because this time around it’s at least not a twist you see coming a mile away. So while some things are a mixed bag, the good is for sure stronger than the bad.

The Conclusion
I liked it. So I think a lot of you will as well. It’s probably not going to be listed in many people’s list of favorite films or anything, but you could do a heck of a lot worse with it. If the idea of a crazy and wacky version of The Office is your thing, then click on over to MVD where you can get your hands on this as well as other films by this director.

The Rating (7/10)