The Final (2010)

If you’re being picked on punch them don’t cut their fingers off!!

The Final (2010)
Directed By: Joey Stewart

The Prologue
Anytime you make a movie that shows classmates harming one another you’re bound to strike a pretty deep emotional chord with some folks and I do believe that is probably what will happen with a lot of people after they see The Final, which is one of the 8 films picked for the After Dark Horrorfest series.

Already before release there’s been drama over the original movie poster and one fast trip to IMDB will show people already bringing up Columbine High School when talking about this movie but beyond just the revenge plot I think there’s a meaning or perhaps a warning to be noticed in this film.

The Movie
A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them. And before anyone out there starts, no this movie is not saying it’s OK to torment or kill anyone in high school who might pick on you. This film makes attempts to shock you into seeing that violence for violence isn’t the answer no matter how many times someone dumps their milk carton on you…But if you must retort to such acts of any violent nature, I learned quick in my grammar school days that a punch to the nose usually works to make someone back off. Now, on to the review..

So a group of high school outcasts who love watching horror films (Cause horror films are EVIL damn it!!!) get together one day and come up with a plan to get back at every single person in their high school who ever did a wrong thing to them. Now, what you see is the victims turn into monsters and the bullies become the victims as you notice really quick that no matter what these people did, they didn’t deserve THIS. Which any sane person I’m sure will pick up on.

The movie won’t be an easy watch for anyone who has ever been apart of any violent act that has taken place at a school, so if that applies to you then you won’t want to see the movie. If not, then you’re in for a very powerful and thought provoking film that relies a lot on torture porn elements including a straight up clear as day nod to Audition. A little hard to watch, but a good film none the less.

I think it’s well made and well played by all who is in it and I can’t see any reason for some of the hate the film has picked up on in some places around the internet world regarding quality of the movie over all. If anyone had a reason to complain it would be that it doesn’t seem to get up and running full speed ahead ever while the plot moves a long. We do see pretty hard to watch stuff but it seems to do it all on a cruse control that leaves us into a finale that may lack a little to most watchers.

Like I said you can tell that foreign films where a giant influence on the director right down to the costumes the kids dress up in when they are doing the deeds in this thing. Oddly enough I even got a bit of a Battle Royale vibe from this thing. It’s for sure a film that plays with your emotions and morals. You go from thinking, “Boy, I’d like to see this kid get theirs.” to thinking, “Wait wait wait..that isn’t right even for him.” I do believe you will find something about this film that will hold your attention and make it worth your time.

The Conclusion
It’s a bit of a bitter pill to swallow when you hear one character declare there are “more people like us out there”, and it’s a little sad because it’s true. If you look past just what you see on the film and look into what it all means I think you’ll get this movie and enjoy it.

Don’t play this off as just another torture film or a film just trying to justify at all school violence because it’s far from it. It’s a movie with something to say I hope everyone watches it because I think it’s well worth watching.

The Rating (7.5/10)