The Haunting of Amellia (2008)

Not very fast moving, but not bad.

The Haunting of Amellia (2008)
Directed By: A.D. Calvo

The Prologue
The Haunting of Amellia is a movie that use to be know, and I think even when it airs on Showtime now may still be, known as The Other Side of the Tracks. But the film comes to DVD on December 28th thanks to the fine folks over at MTI Video with the new name attached. Now while the new name and the cover might seemingly lead you to believe it’s a full on ghost story, it’s not. Sure it’s got creepy moments and a few jumps here and there, but it’s much deeper than just that.

The Movie
Ten long years ago there was a train accident and Josh (Brendan Fehr) lost his girlfriend. And now he’s still pretty depressed over it. He’s 29 years old, he lives in the same place, and does the very same thing he did when he was 19. It seems he’s depressed and is having trouble moving on. Then one day his friend Rusty (Chad Lindberg) who he hasn’t seen in ten years shows up, and so does a new girl named Amellia (Tania Raymonde) who reminds Josh of a girl he use to know..Hmm..where is this going?

Well I’ll call a spade a spade, and I’ll admit while it’s nothing at all like the cover seemed, I liked it, and I’m happy it wasn’t. While slow moving, what you get with this movie is a very good indie film that while taking it’s time getting from point A to point B doesn’t try to sugar coat everything with jump scare after jump scare, it takes it’s time and delivers a good story that seems to channel real emotions at times, and deals with a very tough issue, letting go. And while the film does set off a red airing early on that things aren’t what they seem, it’s not entirely easy to figure it all out on your own as it unfolds.

Another thing that makes this work so very well is the acting from out top tree actors, Brendan Fehr, Chad Lindberg, and especially, Tania Raymonde. All play their parts perfectly and everyone is likable enough, a thing that a lot of movies lack these days. Raymonde has a very unique look (that is a very good look) and should surely become a favorite to many sometime soon when she’s in more stuff. She isn’t just good looking, she has real talent. Indie films are made and broke on acting, this one is for sure held up because of it. Even when things are slow (and they do get slow), these people keep it interesting until the end.

And of course the movie has a twist that may be the thriving point or the fail point for you as you watch it. I of course won’t spoil it for you, but I was OK with it. I just more or less think a good, and somewhat unique story is told as the movie rolls along and I was more or less satisfied with it. So if you catch it on TV or get a chance to rent it, I would. I think you may be pleasantly surprised by what you get. I do think the cover is misleading a bit, as well as the new title of the film, but I think there’s a undeniable indie quality to it that isn’t always easy to come by.

The Conclusion
Well, I kinda liked it! I think it’s worth checking out at least, and if you can’t catch it on TV this week (I think it’s airing the 24th of December on Showtime?), you can buy it or rent it on the 28th from MTI video! So be sure to check it out either way, because I actually think a lot of you might like it, or at least find it interesting.

The Rating (6/10)