The Lights (2009)

Remind me never to let anyone talk me into going out in the middle of nowhere. 

The Lights (2009)
Directed By: John Sjogren (Choke)

The Prologue
Oh I just love a good Slasher in the morning don’t you?? Now perhaps the days of the slashers are gone, but it never hurts at all to go back to them now and again especially when one comes fresh off the presses and even seems to have some other elements mixed in.

So that brings us The Lights, a slasher that came out in December of 09 (and if you want you can own it to from Osiris) but seems to be doing pretty well in the rental area so I figured why not just give it a watch and see just what we are dealing with when it comes to The Lights!

The Movie
So four college friends take a trip out into the middle of nowhere to catch a meteor shower that will only happen once in a lifetime! The only trouble is there’s already some pretty horrible things happening in the area. Not only do they have to deal with the strangeness of the lights that float around out that way, they have to deal with a crazy killer as well!!

Sounds like it’s straight out of the 80’s doesn’t it?? Well I’ll tell you now it would fit in nicely with a lot of them. Our big bad killer here is played by Kerry Wallum who I feel plays is role really well. I dare say he’s the best part of the movie and if this thing does spawn a sequel I’ll look forward to seeing him back. The gore is rather minimal the but the way he off’s people is somewhat amusing. The kills are rather quick but eye catching none the less when they do happen.

As for our four friends that are in this…Kelly who is played by Elizabeth Jauregui is by far the most interesting of the crew and hands down my favorite of the group. I think a couple of the others kinda phone it in including the girl you find on the cover Cathy Baron but Elizabeth is a joy to see and fits in great with the story..I think we’ll see more of her down the road, such a shame we don’t see more of her here.

Another reason I say this would fit in well in the 80’s is because it’s kinda campy, kinda slow a points, but packs enough of a punch in key parts to get you moving a little in your chair..sounds like a decent movie to me.

Now the ending seems to come out of left field and seems to be a tad bit anti-climatic but the closing shot is something I bet you won’t see coming..or maybe you many of these have you seen by now?? None the less like a great pro wrestler once said, just when you think you have the answers the movie changes the questions.

The Conclusion
Good for a watch if you like slashers! Probably not one you’re going to want to watch over and over but good for a night when you just want to kick back and eat popcorn and watch a movie.

Just don’t let the promise of a hot lady in their underwear get you dragged out to the middle of nowhere anytime soon.

The Rating (5/10)