The One Thing I Didn't Like About Kick-Ass

Right up front I need to point out that this blog entry will include some major spoilers to the film and comic book versions of Kick-Ass so if you have yet to read those or watch the film you may want to skip this. I hate flat out busting out spoilers but I think this situation calls for it..

As I said in my review of Kick-Ass I actually liked most the changes from the comic to the movie. And over-all I loved the film. While I loved the original source (that being the comic) there were a few changes that I think went better when compared to how they go in the comics. The one thing I DIDN’T like that was changed however was the relationship between Dave and Katie.

In the comics Dave has had a crush on Katie for a long time. However, she thinks he’s not only weird but a stalker! While the movie doesn’t have her actually making fun of him and calling him a stalker or anything along those lines it stays true to the comics by having her be-friend Dave after he’s found beaten up and naked. She believes the rumors that he is gay and takes him as her “gay best-friend”. So for the most part one could say the changes to that point were for the better. It paints Katie as more of the “hot girl with the heart of gold” that I think everyone went to school with back in the day. It might be rare but usually there’s always at least one in your school. So that’s just fine, it’s what happens when Dave finally comes clean that I didn’t care for..

The comic and the movie have the same scene where Dave, dressed as Kick-Ass, is outside Katie’s bedroom window at night ready to confess who he is to her. In the comics Dave has second thoughts and runs away before confessing to Katie. In the movie things are much different. Dave confesses and Katie not only ISN’T mad but she sleeps with him the same night as the two are then in a relationship for the rest of the movie. You see in the comics Dave waits til AFTER he and Hit Girl have dealt with the Mob and Red Mist before finally telling Katie the truth. He walks up to her at school and says, “I’ve been Kick-Ass all along and I’m not gay!” he then proceeds use the old school line that I myself have even used before by telling her, “I love you Katie. You’re the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning…Uh, isn’t this the part where you’re supposed to say you feel exactly the same way?”. But keeping true to the theme of the comics things do not go good for Dave as Katie is PISSED and yells at Dave. She then has her boyfriend (Who Dave kinda didn’t know about) to beat Dave up!

See folks I like that ending to that part of the story better because it keeps away from the typical format of heroes and movies in general. The guy always gets the girl in the movies, that doesn’t happen in the real world and the comic had that un-typical charm that the movie at times doesn’t have. In the comics Dave is just the same as any comic book nerd that couldn’t get the girl but in the movie all goes well and Katie falls for him and it slightly took the story from different to a little bit cliché. One could also make a case about the rocket pack at the end of the film but I think this one is the only real issue anyone should have with how the movie changed things.